conflict-free-1The Kimberley Certification Scheme (KCS) commenced when southern African diamond-producing countries met in May 2000 in Kimberley, South Africa to discuss ways of ending diamonds being used as a means to fund violence. Later that year the United Nations General Assembly adopted this landmark resolution controlling and documenting the movement of all rough diamonds.

Cape Diamonds only sells diamonds approved by the Kimberley Certification Scheme. This ensures that your diamond from us is conflict free.


In the past, few benifited from South Africa’s great natural resources such as gold and diamonds.
The Mining Charter passed by the South African government in 2008 aims to give more opportunity to previously disadvantaged people. The Diamonds and Precious Metals Regulator issues permits only to companies who comply with these regulations.

conflict-free-2Unlike retail jewellers, Cape Diamonds hand-crafts all our rings on site. We don’t support the worthless mechanisation of the jewellery industry and cheap imports. We believe only in handmade jewellery, as this creates more jobs and challenges the human being to master the art of being a goldsmith.
Our rings are hallmarked Handmade in Africa.