A great engagement ring review!

We received a wonderful review from one of our customers and wanted to share it with you:

Hi Joel

I just wanted to send you a big “Thank You!!”, for all the help you gave me in finding the perfect engagement ring. Being in IT, the whole diamond size/quality/cut/colour/certification conundrum was quiet far out of my field of expertise. Hence, I really appreciated Joel spending the time to explain everything in detail to me, and more importantly shown me all the small differences, so that I could come to an educated choice.

I am very relived that I found your company, as you have made the whole process feel very personal & trusting. Especially compared to all the overpriced, sales driven shops I went to see before I found you.

The end product was really wonderful, unique, and lovingly crafted by someone of true skill. My fiancé is over the moon about it, and I swear she spends more time looking at the ring than she does me!

I’d be more than happy to recommend Cape Diamonds to all my friends & family, as I know they’d be treated just as well as I was.

Oh, and please let me know when you upload that revolving video of the ring onto YouTube.


What a wonderful review, thank you Daniel.

Summer Love – Cape Town

Are you and your loved one planning on spending these Summer holidays in Cape Town?

Relax, Unwind, Have fun, Visit world class restaurants and go SHOPPING.

There are so many fabulous activities and excursions couples can enjoy whilst on holiday in Cape Town.

If you want to spoil that special girl, why not try a few of these romantic excursions.

South Africa boasts some of the most pristine beaches in the world.  Therefore number one on our list is Beach time, followed by picnics, hiking and other outdoor activities such as: Hot Air Balloon Rides, Sunset Cruises, Horse riding and joining a Winelands tour.

Since summer is the season most people get engaged, why not plan a ‘diamond engagement ring purchase’ during your stay in Cape Town?

That’s a guaranteed way to make this summer the most memorable of note!

South Africa produces the highest quality diamonds and prices are very competitive in relation to the world market.

Diamonds can be purchased at local fine jewelers and Diamond Dealers in Cape Town, both engagement rings for your girlfriend and wedding bands for the man.

There are stunning options, from handmade jewellery, custom made to creations which match the exact image you’ve envisaged.  The talented goldsmiths create masterpieces for a fraction of the price in Europe for example.  Metals such a platinum, palladium and white gold are just a few options you can set that stunning diamond in which you purchased in Cape Town.

We think buying a diamond ring is the best way to woe your loved one this summer!

Remember – The engagement ring is a symbol of love.

The Symbol of love

History of the Engagement Ring

The Egyptians were the first to use a ring as a symbol of love and representation of a union between a man and a woman. Often the bands were made from plant material – although not very durable. Those with money and ‘class’ were known to use silver or gold.

Apparently the reason why we use the left hand and have chosen the ‘ring-finger’ is because ancient folk believed a vein ran straight from the ring finger to the heart.

Most records suggest that the Romans were actually the first to wear official ‘wedding bands’. These were made from iron – although again the wealthy Romans would use more valuable metal such as copper, silver or gold.

In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg gave Mary of Burgundy the first recorded diamond engagement ring. So as of 1477 the trend of presenting your loved one with a ring containing a diamond became fashion.

And where do these sought after Diamonds come from?

Many countries produce Diamonds. In the 1870’s the Diamond Rush began in South Africa. South Africa quickly became the leading producer of gem-quality diamonds.

Cape Town has now set the trend for being one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists to have their Diamond Engagement Rings made, or even just purchase loose diamonds. The prices of Diamonds in South Africa are one of the best in the world.

Make sure you get a diamond certification

When buying a diamond the greatest price discrepancies are related to the diamond certification. Labs do not all grade diamonds with the same criteria.

I have sent diamonds that have been EGL USA certified to EGL SA and the grade has changed by 5 grades.

A G Vs2 EGLUSA has come back from GIA with a grade of J si2.

This change in grade affects the price by 40%.

If you do ever get an EGL certification that is not EGL South Africa I would recommend sending it to EGL SA to be tested.You will be shocked with what you will find!

Gia is the global standard.They are the lab that invented the 4 C’s.They are a non profit organization serving the jewellery industry.If you bye a Gia certified diamond you can be sure your investment is safe.

All Gia certified diamonds have a laser inscribed serial number on the side.(See the picture)This number is found on the certificate and can be found on the Gia website.

Remember there are no laws governing diamond certification.

I could grade a k colour diamond a D colour if I wanted.

When selecting you diamond the first desition is what certification you want.If you do not specify a lot of jewellers will try sell you a diamond that looks good on paper.
Take time Look at different certified diamonds and decide which diamond looks the best.
Line all the diamonds up and look at them under magnification to see all the flaws.

Never bye a diamond that you have not seen unless you really trust the source.

Most diamonds are billions of years old-Your diamond will find you.

Looking for the best diamond price

Everyone is always looking for the best diamond price and little consideration is taken with regard to who or how the diamond engagement ring will be made.

Diamonds have a controlled market price.Engagement rings vary in quality from jeweller to jeweller. There are very few jewellers who can make top quality diamond engagement rings. Platinum rings and palladium rings should always be handmade as cast rings display porosity.

In Cape Town there are but a handful of goldsmiths who can work in platinum. In fact if an engagement ring is made by one of them the others can recognise the style and workmanship.All goldsmiths have there individual way of doing things. These techniques are passed down from master to student.

Today there are only very few goldsmiths producing custom hand made diamond rings.

Cast rings are mass produced by large casting factories and generally there product is less expensive and involves unskilled labour. Often cast rings do not last and stones fall out.These cast rings have very little character and style. Think of the craftsmanship in a great marble statue carved by Michaelangelo.Today there are laser machines that can duplicate his statue of David.

What is the value of a reproduction?It is a little more valuable than the marble it is carved from.

Handmade craftsmanship holds a value and in fact as the numbers of goldsmiths decline due to mass production and cheep imports the ones that are highly skilled are valued more.

Remember an engagement ring should last a lifetime.

Choose a handmade diamond ring.