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Bold & Beautiful Colourful Diamond Engagement Rings

Colourful stones are a fun way to add plenty of impact to diamond engagement rings. While the concept of coloured diamonds is not a new one, this style has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

One of the things that make brightly hued diamonds a good choice is their versatility. Simple ring designs can be enhanced with some subtle colour, or the stones can be off-set by contrasting or complementing metals for a bolder look. Another advantage of coloured diamonds is that they have all of the qualities that clear diamonds have – strength, clarity, cut and sparkle. This makes them hardy and long-lasting compared to other stones that may have similar colours without the hardness of diamonds.

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings

Thinking about a gorgeous colourful ring? Get inspired by these coloured diamond engagement rings…


Pink Engagement Ring

Feminine, soft, romantic and classic, pink stones are a perfect choice for those wanting a pretty ring that is dramatic without being too over the top. This colour works well with clear diamonds, in a platinum or white gold setting. But it also works well with rose gold for a warmer hued ring. Surrounding a central pink stone with tiny pave diamonds helps to create a balanced style that truly shines.


Blue Engagement Ring

Blue diamonds come in a wide range of hues, from dark blues all the way to lighter shades. Like sapphires and Tanzanite stones, the shade of blue is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. This colour works well on cooler shades of metal, creating a classic, sophisticated ring that is neutral and understated. For a more unusual look, yellow gold can be used. If you choose a coloured metal, try to keep the design simple to prevent too much contrast.


Black Engagement Ring

Black diamond engagement rings have been capturing the imagination of brides for a long time. Dramatic, inky and elegant, the stones work well on cooler metals as well as yellow and rose gold. They also work well when flanked with clear diamonds or surrounded by pave stones, especially on a platinum or white gold band.


Yellow Engagement Ring

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades, from warm golden tones to shades bordering closer to chartreus. While this colour certainly works on a cooler metal band, it can look particularly lovely on a yellow gold band. The darker yellow colours that have a similar shade to classic yellow gold result in a ring that is warm and golden. A simple solitaire style allows the colour to shine without adding overpowering details.


Champagne Engagement Ring

If you want to experiment with a coloured stone but prefer not to go all the way with too much colour, champagne is an excellent choice. This softly hued colour is ever so slightly tinted with peachy undertones. It works beautifully in a rose gold setting or a platinum band, and can be offset by clear pave stones. Champagne diamonds are a hardy alternative to stones such as morganite, which have a similar colour but can be on the soft (and expensive) side.


Chocolate Engagement Ring

Chocolate diamonds are a few shades up from champagne, with a warm brown tone that varies from darker to lighter shades. This colour works well on all metals, with neutral undertones that make it very versatile. Paired with yellow gold, the result is warm and slightly similar to Tiger’s Eye or tortoiseshell. Paired with a cooler metal, the balance of warm and cool creates a subtle contrast.

If you would like to learn more about custom diamond engagement rings in Cape Town, contact us today and let us know how we can help you create your dream ring.

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6 Breath-Taking Pave Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings feature tiny stones that are encrusted within the band or setting. This design creates plenty of sparkle, and also adds interest to the ring. Over the years, pave rings have seen many different trends, ranging from classic and minimal to bold and over the top. Today, future brides can take their pick from a wide range of styles to suit just about every taste and budget.

To help you find some inspiration when designing your very own custom engagement ring, we’ve put together a list of our favourite pave style diamond engagement rings.

We Love These Pave Engagement Ring Styles

Love the look of pave? Try these stunners to get inspired by this ring trend…

#1 Round

Pave Engagement Rings Split Band

Like all round cut rings, this style has a classic, feminine look that works well with pave stones. The trick with this style is to keep it simple. A thin, delicate band will highlight the smaller stones as well as the centre stone, which should never be overpowered by surrounding stones. Choose a simple setting that allows the stone to shine, and opt for pave on the top of the band or throughout the entire band.

#2 Split Band

Pave Engagement Rings Split Band

Another classic style, whether you add pave detailing or not, the split band features a centre stone that is flanked by an elegantly divided band. The symmetry of this style allow the eye to focus on the centre stone without distraction, while the subtlety will not be ruined with the addition of pave stones on the band’s split. The band can split only at the top near the focus stone, or it can split in two different parts for even more impact.

#3 Halo

Pave Engagement Rings Halo

Halo rings usually include pave. In this design, a centre stone is surrounded by tiny stones in one or more bands. This style works well in round cuts, but can also be dazzling in a princess cut, pear cut, oval cut or even a heart cut. Depending on whether you’re aiming for a bold look or something more understated, the centre stone can be large or small, and the halo can be single or double. The final shape of the ring can also be changed, giving it a square, round or diamond shape.

#4 Knotted

Pave Engagement Rings Knotted

A contemporary style that is rich in symbolism (and rather eye-catching, too, we might add), the knotted ring uses the band to create a knot shape. Pave stones are encrusted along the entire band, allowing the ring to sparkling from any angle. This is a lovely choice for romantics and those who cherish symbols, but it’s also great for brides who want something a little bit different.

#5 Twisted

Pave Engagement Rings Twisted

The twisted style can be playful or classic, depending on your options. In a single metal, you could use pave to enhance a strand of twisted band. You could make both strands fully pave, or try mixing metals for a more dramatic result. Ideally, however the band twists, it will look best if the strands are symmetrical and flawless.

#6 Multi-Tone

Pave Engagement Rings Multi-Tone

The two-tone rings of yester-year were not always eye-catching for the right reasons. Today’s multi-tone ring does not have to clash or be overly bold. Using a soft metal such as rose gold for the band, and adding a cooler tone for settings will add a subtle balance of tones without overdoing things. Gold tones (yellow, white or rose) work best with cool tones such as platinum. While you could pair different shades of gold, it may be somewhat overwhelming when combined with a pave encrusted band.

We hope that you find inspiration in these gorgeous pave engagement rings. If you would like assistance in creating your very own dream ring, contact Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can turn your dream into a reality.

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Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings have a classic square shape that is regal and timeless. This style has been a constant favourite for brides-to-be for many, many years. Versatile enough to work well in a variety of styles, but still traditional enough to appeal to the most conservative of brides, this ring can be as simple or ornate as you choose.

The style is often featured with pave bands, or with a halo style that has tiny stones encrusted around the centre square stone. Contemporary versions introduce the square shape in unusual ways, while different metals or even different coloured diamonds add even more variety to the princess cut.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Fit For Royalty

Why are princess cut diamond engagement rings such a time-honoured choice? Here are a few examples to inspire and dazzle…

#1 Vintage

Square Engagement Rings Vintage

A vintage style with ornate detail works well with the princess cut diamond, adding a touch of whimsy. For brides that prefer a ring that is unusual, this style works especially well. Consider adding floral type detail alongside the stone, or bring in different coloured stones to add more visual interest. With this style you can get away with bolder elements, so use your creativity to make a ring that is truly one of a kind.

#2 Minimal

Square Engagement Rings Minimal

If you prefer your jewellery to be understated and simple, a classic minimal design will work perfectly with a fine band and a small square stone. Pave encrusted bands add a bit of extra sparkle, but you could choose to leave the band unadorned as well. This delicate style will catch the light without being too bold or over the top.

#3 Three Stone

Square Engagement Ring Three Stone

The three stone ring style is romantic, elegant and ideally suited to square cut stones. As the stones have flat edges, they can be lined up perfectly in a row. Add extra sparkle with pave stones on the band, try a split band or keep things focused on the triad of stones with a plain band in platinum or white gold.

#4 Rose Gold

Square Engagement Ring Rose Gold

The copper infused tones of rose gold continue to entrance, adding a dose of warmth into ring bands. This metal goes beautifully with diamonds, offering a chic balance of cool and warm that is subtle and lovely. Pave bands and halo details enhance the sparkle even further. With the princess cut style, the romantic appeal is enhanced, giving you a feminine ring that shines in all the right places.

#5 Solitaire


One of the most traditional styles that feature this cut, you cannot go wrong with a princess solitaire. This style keeps the focus on the stone, which is set to sparkle at maximum shine. A cathedral setting that props the single stone up on the band will add stability – ask your jeweller to recommend some options on how to set this type of ring to reduce the risk of snags or loose stones.

Square Engagement Rings Solitaire#6 Contemporary

Square Engagement Ring Contemporary

For something different, and decidedly modern, you could take the concept of the square cut stone and transform it into a contemporary design. Tiny square stones set into the band offer a minimal, paired-down look, while details such as thicker band, elevated centre or unusual metal further enhance the modernity of this ring.

While princess cut engagement rings have certainly evolved over the ages, there is no doubt that this ring style will remain a popular choice for brides.

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Romantic Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Using the global symbol of love, romance and togetherness, heart shaped engagement rings have been a popular choice for many years. What makes this design so appealing is its versatility. While heart shaped diamonds are frequently featured in this style, there are many other ways to bring in this symbol aside from the stone. Intricate detail on the band, engraved motifs, joined hearts, multiple hearts and even clever infinity heart designs help to make this ring romantic and special.

If you have been lusting after a heart shaped diamond engagement ring, keep reading to be inspired by these lovely rings…

Fall in Love With These Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Some of the ways that you can integrate a heart design into your ring include the following:

Simple and classic

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 1

The classic heart shaped ring features a simple band, with a single solitaire design that puts the heart stone in centre focus. What makes this design so timeless is that it is unadorned, simple and elegant, with no other stones or elements added to overshadow the centre stone. If you have classic tastes, this style is always a winner.

Mixed stones and metals

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 2

For a bolder design, mixing stones and metals gives the ring a unique, quirky look. Adding extra detail in the form of pave, twisted bands and unusual metal and stone pairings will up the boldness of this design. This style works well in as a three stone diamond engagement ring, with a slightly large stone at the centre that is flanked by two smaller stones.

Modern and minimal

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 3

This ring turns the heart into part of the band, for a minimal look that is modern and beautiful without being over the top. Three stones encrusted within the heart add symbolism and detail without overpowering the simple design. This style works well in platinum as well as rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Split pave band

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 4

Splint band rings have remained a classic choice through the eras, and, with pave encrusted bands that feature a heart shaped diamond at the centre, this look is especially romantic. This ring has plenty of sparkle, which works well on cool toned metals. On warmer metals, the result is more dramatic, but equally gorgeous.

Heart within a heart

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 5

Who says you have to limit yourself to just one heart? The heart within a heart design has plenty of symbolism, signifying the never-ending love between you and your partner. With a single diamond at the centre, this trio can also represent the past, present and future of your love.

Infinity heart

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 6

This contemporary design fuses an infinity sign with hearts, in an undeniably romantic ring that is also modern and surprisingly simple in its adornment. To ensure that the focus stays on the infinity heart, it’s best to keep stones simple and small. A pave band could also work well, leaving the centre hearts bare.

Hearts in a row

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 7

A pretty, simple and timeless ring, this style features a simple, fine band, with five heart diamonds in a row. The centre stone is slightly larger, and is offset by four smaller stones. This ring will never go out of style. Gold works well with this design, but cooler metals and rose gold would be equally lovely.

Two hearts joined

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring 8

Linking the hearts is undeniably romantic. The two hearts can be kept simple or encrusted with stones, or a mixture of both, like this example. Plain hearts can be balanced with a pave band, or pave hearts can be balanced with a plain band. This style works well in any metal, but could also be varied by choosing coloured diamonds or precious stones instead of classic white diamonds.

Have an amazing idea for your dream engagement ring? Send us your design and we will help you turn that dream into a reality.

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Beautiful Ideas for Three Stone Engagement Rings

One of the most elegant, timeless styles is three stone engagement rings, which are not only lovely to look at but also have a beautiful sentiment behind the style. Often featuring one larger stone in the middle, which is flanked by two smaller stones on either side, this ring is said to symbolise the past, present and future of your relationship.

The three stone ring ranges from traditional styles that incorporate round cut diamonds in a simple band, to modern styles that could be minimal (fine band, small stones), vintage (pave band, halo stones) or even bold (coloured stones, dramatic settings). However you choose to incorporate the three stones style into your ring, this style is versatile enough to suit just about anyone.

To show you how lovely this style can be, we have put together some of our favourite examples of triple stone engagement rings.

We Love These Triple Stone Engagement Rings

From simple to elaborate, minimal to bold, we love the versatile beauty of three stone diamond engagement rings. Here are some ideas to help inspire you to use this design in your own ring…

#1 Classic and Elegant

Three Stone Engagement Ring 1

The classic, traditional version of this ring keeps the focus on the stones themselves. Diamonds are carefully set, with the middle stone either a bit larger or set a bit higher than the smaller stones on either side. The band is typically kept plain, which gives the ring a minimal, chic look that is both understated and feminine. If you are more of a traditionalist who values simplicity above glitz, this style is sure to be the perfect choice. While it looks good in platinum, it also works well in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

#2 Mixed Stones and Detail

Three Stone Engagement Ring 2

Another elegant style that takes an old fashioned classic and gives it a fresh twist is the mixed stones style. By combining precious stones such as sapphires with diamonds, you will draw attention to the three stones while adding lots of impact. A delicate pave setting that twined around the focus stones adds lots of sparkle without overpowering the sapphires, while a slightly twisted band adds detail. You could choose your birthstone or something that catches your eye – sapphire, ruby, emerald tanzanite, opal or even a coloured diamond could all work well!

#3 Simple Setting, Two Tone Metals

Three Stone Engagement Ring 3

Two tone rings are another trend that continues to be seen on rings. In this example, a soft gold has been used for the band, with platinum used for the setting. What makes this style work so well is that the setting has been kept simple, with focus on the stones. Adding too much detail to a two tone ring can overpower the balance. But a simple design looks especially gorgeous with mixed metals. You could also try something similar in rose gold, using yellow gold as contrast or platinum.

Vintage Halo and Pave

Three Stone Engagement Ring 4

Halo styles have a round stone that is surrounded by tiny stones. For the triple stone style, the result is a bold, vintage style ring that is glamorous and eye catching. You can take this look even further with a pave encrusted band, or you could keep it a bit more understated with a plain band. Whatever your choice of metals, and whether you opt for all diamonds for the halo or you decide to mix your stones, this style is a classic.

Dramatic Contrasts

Three Stone Engagement Ring 5

You could also highlight the centre stone with contrasting stones. Black diamonds offer a contemporary, stylish look that works well with cool toned metals as well as warmer tones. Paired with a platinum band (pave or plain), this example is simple and yet mesmerising in its contrasts. You could try something similar with coloured stones and a gold band for an equally unique look, or experiment with settings to arrange the contrasting stones dramatically.

Flowing Lines

Three Stone Engagement Ring 6

You don’t even have to be limited to following traditional lines with your ring. Flowing lines add detail subtly, which is enhanced by the addition of pave stones set into the band. The three stones are then balanced by the lines of the ring, without overpowering or fading into the background. This design looks especially lovely in rose gold, but would work just as well in platinum or yellow gold. You could add coloured stones for the pave or choose precious stones for the centre to add even more detail.

Dainty and Minimal

Three Stone Engagement Ring 7

If you prefer your jewellery small and subtle, you could even opt for a minimal engagement ring that has teeny tiny stones set into a fine band. Choose a classic platinum or gold band with diamonds, replace the centre or flanking stones with a precious stone such as ruby, sapphire or tanzanite, or try a modern rose gold band with a romantic stone such as morganite for something different.

We hope that you are inspired by these examples of beautiful three stone rings. And remember, for any queries or requests on custom engagement rings, we are always happy to help make your dream ring turn into a reality.

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We Love These Stunning Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Round cut diamond engagement rings come in all types of styles, but the one thing they all have in common is, you guessed it, a round diamond. This shape is one of the most classic cuts for diamonds after oval and rectangular, with a timeless yet trendy shape that works well in a wide variety of ring designs.

We have put together some of our favourite round cut rings to give you some inspiration on how this ring can be designed.

Be Inspired by These Beautiful Round Cut Engagement Rings

With no further ado, here are some of our top picks for round cut engagement rings…

Pave split band

Round Cut Engagement Rings 1

This modern ring has a twisted pave band that is encrusted with tiny round diamonds on the outside, and roped metal on the outside. The solitaire style works very well with this ring, bringing out the large, round centre stone to perfection. For added detail, you could consider using two tone metals for the band, in rose gold and platinum or rose and white gold. The split band has the added advantage of creating an infinity sign of sorts, which further enhances the romance of this striking ring.

Halo and pave

Round Cut Engagement Rings 2

The halo style is a popular choice for round cut diamonds, featuring a large stone that is surrounded by tiny stones in a circular style. A pave band continues the look of the edging, with delicate, diamond encrusted details that make for a romantic, feminine ring. This style is classic enough to never date, but stylish enough to have a modern touch of glamour. If your budget does not stretch to a large number of smaller stones, consider choosing a slightly lower carat for the small stones and a higher carat for the main stone. You could also consider other stones for the halo and band, such as your birth stone.

Trio of stones

Round Cut Engagement Rings 3

In soft rose gold, this halo style ring features a trio of stones that are encrusted with smaller stones. There is a lot of symbolism in this style. Many believe the three stones to represent the past, future and present, with the present stone being the centre. Often, this stone is slightly larger. If you love deeper meanings, and are looking for something elegant and classic, this is a good choice. It looks equally lovely in other gold tones, as well as platinum.

Twisted band

Round Cut Engagement Rings 4

Similar to the split band ring, the twisted band features a uniquely winding band comprised of a pave encrusted part and a solid metal part. This adds plenty of detail without making the ring overly bold. It works in solid metals such as platinum, as well as two tone metals, such as rose gold and white gold. We love how the twists subtly draw attention to the round centre stone without fading into the background or overpowering the centre stone.

Chunky and minimal

Round Cut Engagement Rings 5

If minimal engagement rings are more your thing, this chunky, simple ring is sure to be a great choice. The thick metal band is made of gleaming platinum in this ring, but you could also consider rose gold or yellow gold. The round diamond sites in the middle, without frills and elaborate details. The ring has plenty of impact in a paired down, sleek way, making it modern enough for today’s bride but still simple enough to stand the test of time.

Got an idea for a dream ring? Contact Cape Diamonds today and let us know how we can turn your dream engagement ring into a mesmerising reality!

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How to Customise or Reset Engagement Rings

Heirloom engagement rings are a popular choice for those who value tradition, and are typically passed down from a grandmother or mother or found in an antique shop. While these rings certainly have many advantages, including a history of love and romance, it is not always practical to keep the ring exactly as it is when handed down.

Some rings may be otherwise perfect but a little too big or small. Others may be almost perfect, but lack an added sparkle. You may also want to include stones from another parent’s ring to make the ring truly special. Whatever the reason that you may be considering resetting or altering a vintage or antique ring, we have put together a few things to keep in mind to get the best results.

Resetting and Customising Engagement Rings

Resetting engagement rings can mean a number of things. It could be resizing the band, adding or removing stones (whether missing, worn or loose), customising the ring by changing the shape or type of stones or all of the above. To ensure that you get your dream ring, here are some tips to consider…

  • Find a good jeweller. This sounds obvious, but a gifted jeweller will not only be able to make the alterations you require, but will also help you with the customisation process by making helpful suggestions. He may advise on what changes are possible, and what changes could potentially ruin the ring. With a professional jeweller’s help, you can create a ring that is truly one of a kind. A chain store or busy jewellery shop will seldom have the same devotion and may end up making changes that decrease the rings value.
  • Have an idea of what you want. Look at bridal magazines, websites and various other sources of inspiration to get a solid idea of what you want the ring to look like. What features do you like and what features would you prefer to change? Are you going to use the current design and simply enhance it, or will you change the stones to something more modern? Be clear, and wherever possible, take pictures of similar designs to your jeweller so that he can see what you have in mind.
  • Be tactful if the ring is a family treasure. Whether it’s the groom’s family or the bride’s, the number one thing to remember when resetting any heirloom ring is tact. Gently broach the topic about resetting, explaining your reasons. If those reasons include thinking that the ring is hideous, find another reason that will not be hurtful. If the ring has been in the family for generations without little to no alteration, it may be better to keep resetting down to the absolute essentials to resize or fix loose or missing stones. You could also keep the ring unchanged and wait until an anniversary to consider resetting.

Resetting diamond engagement rings is an excellent option for those who want to update a beautiful old ring. But, to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy the ring, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind before making any rushed decisions to revamp the ring.

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Before You Design Your Own Engagement Ring…

Having an original, custom made engagement ring is a great way to ensure that your ring is truly one of a kind, rather than being part of a mass produced run. But, while there are many benefits offered by the design-it-yourself route, there are also a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your ring is as perfect as it appears in your dreams.

Over and beyond the basic details, such as choosing the cut, stones, band and setting, you will need to do a little bit of planning so that you are able to give your jeweller all the info he needs to bring your dream ring to life.

Top Tips for Designing Your Own Diamond Engagement Rings

To help you create the most unique ring ever, here are some tips on designing your own diamond engagement rings…

  1. Start early – especially if your ring plans are big

As romantic as surprise proposals are, there is much to be said about advance warning. For best results, you will want to ensure that your jeweller has ample time to have the ring made. If you are designing a ring for your love, be sure to leave in sufficient time to have the ring made. Rings made from scratch can take a few weeks or even a few months, especially if there is a lot of detail and work involved. You will also need to allow for any revisions, in case the ring is not quite to your liking at first.

  1. Have a solid idea of what you want

A good jeweller will be able to help you turn an idea into a real life ring. But that doesn’t mean they can read minds. To help give a clear picture of what the ring should look like, gather up as much inspiration as you can. Collect pictures of rings you like, making a note of what features you like about the ring. For example, you may love a certain ring’s rose gold band, but another ring’s setting. Or, you may have seen a similar floral motif that you want, but prefer something a bit more subtle. If your drawing skills allow, make rough sketches as well. You can also get input from the ring maker, or browse their galleries for inspiration.

  1. Consider your budget

No longer do grooms have to go bankrupt to buy those pretty, sparkly rings for their beloveds. Today, rings do not have to cost the earth. It is possible to arrange financing, or find ways to save on metals, stones or cuts. Always make sure that you have a set budget in place, and make sure that your ring maker is aware of how much you can afford. It’s all very well to get carried away with an amazing ring design, but if it is out of your price range, it will not be worth the added stress.

  1. Look at trends, but don’t follow blindly

There are many engagement ring trends to consider – rose gold, mixed metal, vintage, minimal, boho… the choices are endless. They can also be overwhelming. Trends are not a bad thing, but following blindly is not ideal, either. Ultimately, in another few years, not all of those ring styles will still be popular. A ring that is classic however, will look as good in a month as it will in a decade.

  1. Customise an existing piece to make it original

If you see something you sort of like, but are not totally sold on, you can customise it to your preferences. Simple designs work best for this purpose, but you may also find that a ring that has a great setting can be transformed with a coloured stone instead of traditional diamond. Or, you may find that the band can be changed to a different metal. Always ask your jeweller whether customisations are possible. Old family rings can also be upgraded and resized, so don’t feel like you have to be limited to completely custom designed rings.

If you’d like help creating a one of a kind ring that is unique and spectacular, contact the Cape Diamonds workshop, and let us know how we can make your engagement ring dreams come true.

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How to Pair Engagement Rings With Wedding Rings

When you are searching for the perfect choice of engagement rings, the wedding ring may not be the closest thing on your mind. As the saying goes, that may seem like setting the cart before the horse. But it can be extremely valuable to consider both of these important rings when purchasing the initial one… not least because you will need to consider how the two will pair.

Many grooms (or brides, if the ring is chosen beforehand) are so focused on that boldly sparkling ring that the wedding band is often only considered as an after-thought. Pairing these rings will ensure that they can both be worn for the decades that lie ahead, without sacrificing style. With that in mind, it is important to see these rings as two parts of a final combined ring set.

Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Pairings

How can you match both of these rings so that they do not overshadow or underwhelm each other? Here are some ideas to inspire your pairing…

  1. Delicate Pave + Solitaire

Engagement Wedding Ring Delicate Pave & Solitaire

A classic, timeless combination that will never go out of style, this option pairs a delicate pave band wedding ring with a classic solitaire in a simple round cut. What makes this combination so perfect is the balance – both rings are dainty and classic, but the blend of pave and plain band gives it a flawless touch. As the stones on the wedding band are so tiny, the solitaire is able to shine without being overpowered. And, as both bands are thin, the overall effect is not bulky or over the top.

  1. Twisted + Solitaire

Engagement Wedding Ring Twisted & Solitaire

Another beautiful combination uses a twisted pave band and a solitaire setting for a more unusual take on the above pairing. Balance here is even more important. As the twisted band is larger and bulkier than a single, thin band, the other ring needs to be sized in a way that neither overpowers nor reduces the look of the twisted band. In this picture, the solitaire is set in a square shape on a delicate pave band, which off-sets the matching twisted pave band. The stone is also a coloured diamond, which further adds to the overall impact of the paired rings.

  1. Minimal Pairing

Engagement Wedding Ring Minimal Pairing

For those who are not fond of too much bling, a minimal pairing offers a simple, chic way to wear both engagement and wedding ring. For best results, choose both rings in the same metal, with both bands in the same diameter. The wedding band can be left unadorned, while the engagement band can include a minimal, subtle setting with a stone or few. Rose gold looks particularly good in this pairing, but platinum, white or yellow gold are also timeless metals that suit the minimal look well.

  1. Matching Sets

Engagement Wedding Ring Matching Set

A set that is designed to fit together as two halves is another way to pair your rings. This combination can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Ideally, the rings should be able to be worn alone or together, with the overall design changing when the two halves are merged. In the design shown here, a retro style diamond engagement ring is paired with a pave encrusted V shaped wedding band. Individually, both diamond rings look lovely, but together, they form a single ring in a perfect design. For best results, ensure that both rings are designed by an experienced, skilled jeweller.

  1. Mix-and-Match Metals

Engagement Wedding Ring Mix & Match Pairing

Using two (or more!) different metals is a good way to add visual interest to the sing set. Using a combination of your choice, you could choose to pair rose gold and platinum, or yellow gold and platinum, or even rose and yellow gold. For a more modern, edgy look, you could pair black gold with platinum or steel. Depending on the design of both rings, and the stones you choose for each ring, the overall effect can be classic and understated or bold and beautiful. Make sure that you keep the general rule of balance in mind however. If your wedding band is more ornate, keep the band of the other ring simpler. Likewise, if the engagement band is more ornate, opt for a plain metal wedding band instead of a pave band.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can pair your engagement ring with your wedding ring… with a bit of creativity and forethought, you can ensure that your rings are a perfect set!

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3 Factors That Influence Engagement Ring Longevity

As the old saying goes, diamonds are forever, and where engagement rings are concerned, this is certainly true to some extent. But, while the diamond itself may last a very, very long time, the ring is not always as long-lasting. Proper care will help to keep your ring in tip top condition – understanding the factors that affect the ring’s durability and longevity will ensure that you are able to keep it looking as sparkly and shiny as the day it was put onto your finger.

It is always important to do a bit of research when choosing an engagement ring – whether for yourself or your future fiancé. Understanding things such as metal grading, diamond grading and settings will go a long way in helping you choose a ring that will last through the ages without the risk of damage.

How to Ensure a Longer Lifespan for Engagement Rings

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you choose a ring that will last as long as your love (and by that, we mean forever).

  1. Metal grading. Grading systems are used to evaluate a number of different metals, to gage their purity and strength. Some metals may be soft, and therefore require a stronger metal to be included to increase its longevity. For example, alloy is often added to gold in various ratios, because pure gold is relatively soft. White gold includes more silver, while rose gold includes copper. The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of gold. This means that very high karat gold rings will be purer, but may also be more delicate.
  2.  Stone grading. Stones are also graded for their overall quality. Diamonds are extremely strong. So much that diamonds (and synthetic replicas) are used in many industrial machines and devices, including drills that can cut through tough material. Other stones may not be as strong as diamonds however. Jewellers use special charts to determine the strength of each type of stone. Always ask to find out how your chosen stone measures up in the strength department, so that you are aware of any damage risks.
  3.  Setting. Even the design of the ring can affect how long it lasts. One of the most common types of ring repair involves resetting stones. Over the years, clothing and other things catch on settings. Prong settings are especially prone to wear and tear. In time, weakened settings can break, and stones can fall out and be lost forever. Pay attention to the type of setting your ring has, and ask your jeweller for advice on how to ensure a more secure setting.

These are the top three factors that affect the life-span of your ring, but they are by no means the only factors. How you look after your ring will also play a big part in its upkeep. Choosing your ring according to your lifestyle is another important thing to keep in mind, as is keeping up with regular cleaning and check-up appointments. To ensure that your diamond engagement ring truly is forever, these simple tips can make all the difference.

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