Symbolic Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart

If you’re a romantic who wants something more than the usual engagement ring styles, you may be considering a ring that has plenty of symbolism. Over the ages, there have been many symbols in rings that give them something special. Whether the symbols are fairly well-known or they have symbols that few know about, there is something about symbolic engagement rings that makes something to treasure for a lifetime. 

Beautifully Symbolic Engagement Rings

Looking for some inspiration on symbolic engagement rings and their meanings? Here are a few beautiful examples of how symbolism can be used in your ring.

Three Stone Rings


Three stone rings are by far the most popular type of symbolic ring. This ring features three stones in a row. The centre stone is usually larger and it represents your present. The stones on the side represent your past and future. Some variations of this style include clusters on the sides instead of single stones. Although the classic round cut stones work well in this ring, stones can also be in various other cuts to make the ring more modern.

Two Stone Rings


Two stone rings are another deeply romantic style of ring. These rings represent two essential facets of your marriage – friendship and love. It also symbolises the partnership and commitment in your marriage, standing side by side throughout your journey. Although many classic styles feature the stones together, some modern versions feature the stones in asymmetrical designs or separate but joined by a slit or open band.

Birthstone Rings


Although these rings have more symbolism for the bride, there are, nonetheless, romantic and sentimental. Birthstones include a wide variety of beautiful gems that can be used instead of diamonds or, better still, alongside diamonds. You can make your birthstone the centre stone and use pave diamonds on the band. You could even use a two or three-stone design with diamonds and your birthstone. 

Infinity Rings


The infinity ring is another well-known romantic and symbolic ring, symbolising the infinity of your love. There are a few different styles within this design. Two tone, intertwined bands add plenty of femininity to this ring, while pave encrusted loops will add lots of shine and frame the centre diamond perfectly. You could even go one step further and add three stones or a heart cut diamond instead of a classic round or princess cut stone.

Knot Rings


Knot rings are another ring that is rich in meaning and romance. The knot represents the strong bond of your relationship. It also represents the fitting together of each partner, connecting in a way that strengthens your love. This ring is often set on a split band. Pave diamonds add lots of sparkles while the main stone can be round or pear-shaped.

Heart Cut Rings


Saving the best for last, what could be more romantic than heart cut rings? This cut has been a popular style for many, many years. There are numerous styles to choose from that feature hearts. A very simple solitaire heart set on on a delicate band will be perfect for those who prefer minimal rings. If you prefer something more sparkly, you can look for halo hearts or add side stones to turn the ring into a two or three stone ring.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to add more romance to your ring. Cape Diamonds will help you design a ring that is full of meaning. Contact us today to find out more about our custom-made engagement rings.