Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride

If you are looking for engagement rings that are full of romance and femininity, pink-coloured rings are a perfect choice. There are many different ways to add a touch of rosy romance to your ring. Some of the best pink stones include pink diamonds, pink sapphires, morganite, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and rubies. You could try something soft, in a shade closer to blush or pale pink, or go for something more vivid, in a deeper pink or red.

Whether paired with a cooler toned metal such as platinum or white gold or with a warmer toned metal such as rose gold or yellow gold, rosy engagement rings add a touch of colour and romance. Keep reading to see some examples of how this style could work.

Get Swept Away by These Rosy Engagement Rings

Searching for something rosy and lovely? These engagement rings showcase just how charming pink-toned rings can be…

Split Band Morganite

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Split Band MorganiteImage:

Morganite has become a popular stone in recent years. Its soft blush colour is neutral enough to work well in any setting, whether opting for a warm or cool coloured metal. It also works well next to diamonds, making it ideal for pave style rings. A split band in this ring is given more sparkle with tiny pave diamonds that accentuate the centre stone perfectly.

Pink Diamond Halo

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Diamond HaloImage:

There are many other ways to add visual interest to a halo design. This classic round cut ring features a round diamond in the centre, followed by a ring of pink diamonds or pink sapphires in rose gold prong settings, followed by a traditional white diamond halo that flows to a pave band.

Two Heart Drop

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Two Heart DropImage:

For something more unusual, this heart ring combines two hearts in a design that resembles a bow, signifying the love that you and your partner have and how it connects. A tiny ruby, pink sapphire or deep pink diamond is added as a drop between the hearts. A warm rose gold band completes this interesting ring.

Ruby Pink Sapphire

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Ruby Pink SapphireImage:

Pink sapphires are as dazzling as their blue counterparts. In this ring, clear pink sapphires form a halo around a deep pink toned ruby. A delicate rose gold band helps to keep the focus on the centre stones. The balance of ruby and sapphire, in mid and deep pinks, add plenty of visual interest.

Pink Diamond Bloom

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Diamond BloomImage:

Ramp up the romance with a vintage-inspired blossom ring in pink diamonds. Set on a delicate gold band, the soft shape of this floral ring design is accentuated by the pale coloured diamonds and the warm tone of the metal. You could use darker coloured diamonds or include a white diamond in the centre to add more detail.

Rosy Three Stone

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Rosy Three StoneImage:

Three stone rings remain a popular choice, for good reason. Symbolising your past, present and future, these rings are full of romance. A simple pave band delicately twists, highlighting the three centre stones perfectly. Whether you opt for rubies, pink diamonds, sapphires or any other pink stone, this ring oozes romance.

Pink Sapphire Twist

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Pink Sapphire TwistImage:

This pink sapphire twist has a more contemporary design. Tiny sapphires are encrusted on a twisting band in platinum or white gold, with white diamonds below and above. The pave twists lead to the centre diamond, adding detail and a hint of colour.

Rose Quartz Solitaire

Rosy Engagement Rings for the Romantic Bride - Rose Quartz SolitaireImage:

Not all pink stones have to be precious. Semi-precious stones can work equally well if you are looking for something understated and minimal. This rose quartz ring has a simple solitaire setting, a fine gold band, and tiny white diamonds encrusted in its band.

Adding some colour to your engagement ring is a great way to make it unique. Here at Cape Diamonds, we will help you plan the perfect ring, with custom engagement rings to suit every bride-to-be.