How Not to Choose an Engagement Ring

While there are many ways to go about choosing an engagement ring, there are also just as many ways to choose a ring that is not going to last through the years. Whether you are choosing a ring for your love or choosing your own ring, this decision should be made with enough time to think things through carefully. To help you make the right choice, we have put together a list of ways to not choose your engagement ring.

The Worst Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring

Some of the biggest mistakes that you could make when choosing an engagement ring include the following:

Choosing on a whim.

Many brides-to-be get so overtaken by the experience of the proposal and subsequent ring selection that they make a snap decision rather than thinking things through. Often, the decision is made when couples visit a jewellery store rather than consult a specialist who can make the ring you truly want. The problem with trying to choose a ring from a huge selection is that you can all too easily feel overwhelmed and choose the first ring you see.

Choosing in a rush.

Following on from that, it’s also never a good idea to try and rush the process. You may love the idea of rose gold at the moment, but will it go with your other jewellery? Instead of choosing on the spot, take the time to look at ring ideas on social media, think carefully about the type of jewellery you wear, whether the style is practical for what you do day by day and whether or not it will truly be what you want.

Choosing by following trends.

On that note, it’s also never a good idea to base your ideas on trends. Although it is good to find inspiration, it doesn’t mean you should copy trends blindly. Rather use images you see as ideas and then think about how you can make your ring something that you would wear five, ten or even thirty years down the line and not just now. Stay clear of celebrity rings photos, too, as those can also make you stay towards trends that may not last.

Choosing what others want.

You will have many, many suggestions from friends, family and loved ones. You may even have your partner-to-be tell you about his mother’s ring that he wishes you would have resized. As tempting as it is to be veered by other people’s input, this is a ring that you will wear for the rest of your wedded life. Make sure that it is something that you and only you alone will wear.

Choosing something impractical.

Finally, it is also a good idea to keep the design as practical as possible. As pretty as some designs can be, not all of them are practical. Stay clear of settings that could easily get stuck in clothing and hair. Look out for stones that rate low in the Moh’s hardness ratio as these can be damaged more easily.

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