The Biggest Risks of Ordering Engagement Rings Online

As tempting as it may seem to buy engagement rings online from a simple ‘click and purchase’ website, there are few risks that are worth nothing about this type of approach. Your ring is something that you will want to wear forever. Issues with a ring can be devastating on many levels, from making you feel like you have to put up with a ring you do not absolutely love, to resulting in far too many costs that you had not yet considered.

To help you find the safest way to find engagement rings, we have put together some things to look out for when shopping for rings online.

The Dangers of Shopping for Engagement Rings Online

In no particular order, some of the biggest dangers and risks of shopping for engagement rings online include the following:

Click and purchase rings.

Be very wary of websites that churn out carbon copies of the exact same ring, in large numbers. This is even less inspiring than going into a mainstream jeweller to find your ring, because you will not even have the chance to try it on or see how it looks in person, on your hand. A mass-produced ring will likely not offer much in the way of special features, let along unique character. This is fine for some brides but others may want a more personalised approach.

Limited service.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to speak to someone with any questions you may have or any requests about personalising any ring you see. Chances are high that it will not be the same as speaking to a jeweller that you can meet in person. When you are able to speak to your jeweller and explain what you want, the result is a ring that you will truly adore, right from the start. A good jeweller will offer the choice of online and offline sales and meetings, giving you the best of both worlds.

No quality guarantees.

Even if you are given some sort of guarantee, it is not the same as actually meeting the jeweller or seeing rings in person to try them on and see if they are right for your needs. Be very wary of any online store that does not offer any type of guarantee or assurance. You should at the very least have a window to return the ring if the fit is not correct or some other issue is present.

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