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How to Choose an Anniversary Ring for Your Love

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring for Your Love

Planning an anniversary ring for your love on your upcoming special day? This ring is a romantic token of your marriage vows. Whether given on your first anniversary, tenth or twentieth anniversary, a special ring that celebrates your marriage is sure to be something that your partner will treasure forever. To help you find the perfect anniversary ring, we have put together a few tips that will make the process a bit easier. Keep reading to find out how to choose a ring that is just right for your upcoming anniversary.

Choosing the Right Anniversary Ring

Some things to keep in mind when choosing an anniversary ring include the following:

Consider her engagement ring.

Ideally, you want a ring that complements the engagement ring without competing. This type of ring is meant to be subtle, delicate and simple, working to accentuate the engagement and wedding rings without overshadowing them, clashing or contrasting too much. A finely crafted pave band in a matching metal and stone will look perfect alongside a similar engagement or wedding ring. A ring in a different metal, with different stones and any details that clash, however, will not work well at all.

Consider her wedding ring.

No matter how simple the wedding ring, this should also be considered to get the best results. What can be very effective is a wedding ring set that includes engagement, wedding and anniversary bands. These can either be worn on the same finger, or worn next to each other. When all three rings have a similar colour scheme, style or look, the result is spectacular. When there are too many differences, the result is less than harmonious. Always consider your love's existing rings when making your final choice. Or, better yet, involve your beloved in the process so that she gets some say in the matter.

Consider her lifestyle.

You will also need to consider the daily activities of the person wearing the ring. Much like a very ornate engagement or wedding ring is not ideal for those with active lifestyles or those with hobbies such as gardening or DIY, an overly detailed anniversary band may also not be the most practical idea. You want this ring to be easily layered without getting in the way or catching on anything. This is the best way to ensure that the ring can be worn daily without the risk of damage or loss.

Consider her tastes.

Another reason to get insight from your love into the style, stones and overall design of this type of ring is to ensure that the ring is to her tastes. Much like you put a lot of thought into pairing of engagement and wedding bands, you will need to ensure that the anniversary band is something that will be truly appreciated and admired by the person who will be wearing it day in and day out. Surprising your wife with a ring that you have chosen without any input is a risk that may not pay off the way you hope it will.

Consider your budget.

Finally, it is always a good idea to set a budget and stick to it when choosing any ring for your beloved. This type of ring is almost always kept simple. Rather than being a dramatic symbol of a new marriage, it is a smaller reminder of your bond. As such, you do not need to go all out and risk going into overdraft to afford the ring. Instead, look for something that you can easily afford without going broke. This will allow both of you to enjoy the ring without any added stress.

We hope that these tips helped you get one step closer to finding your dream ring. If you'd like to know more about crafting a custom made engagement or anniversary ring in Cape Town, get in touch with the Cape Diamonds team today.