Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings

If you prefer engagement rings that have a modern style, trillion cut rings are sure to be a good choice. This cut has a triangular shape that elongates your finger subtly without looking too bulky or long. With three equal sides, and 31 or 50 facets that depend on whether the stone is used as solitaire or side stones, this cut comes in a wide range of styles. Some trillions are smooth cornered, while others have sharper edges.

Whether used in a contemporary design or something more classic, trillion cut engagement rings are stylish and elegant. Be aware however that this cut can be prone to chipping at its edges. If you live an active lifestyle or you have a job that requires you to get your hands dirty (literally and figuratively), it may be best to consider a cut that will not chip. If you know that you will keep your ring safe, however, keep on reading to see what this cut has to offer.

Get Inspired by These Amazing Trillion Engagement Rings

Some amazing trillion engagement rings to inspire you include the following:


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Pave

Image: mdcdiamonds.com

Pave rings are always stunning, whatever the style. In the trillion cut, pave stones add even more sparkle, helping to catch the light and add a touch of elegance. Pave stones can be placed on the band or just around the stone in a halo style. Whichever way you prefer, this ring will appeal to those who love classic styles.

Double Band

Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Double Band

Image: raymondleejewelers.net

For a modern take on pave, you could also consider a double band. This style works especially well for those with longer fingers. As the ring is larger than most, it may overpower someone with small hands. You can keep the metal in platinum, or add even more impact with yellow gold or rose gold metal.


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Minimal

Image: artemerstudio.com

Brides to be who prefer an understated look will love this delicate, minimal ring that is set on simple prongs on a fine band. Although this ring looks lovely in yellow gold, it would be equally beautiful in rose gold, platinum or even a coloured gold that adds a bit of drama. Likewise, you could choose any stone you prefer. Not sure which to choose? What about a birthstone engagement ring?


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Stacked

Image: Etsy.com (KATJewelryStudio)

This bridal set includes a stacked engagement ring along with a wedding band. The triangular shape of the trillion cut makes it ideal for geometric stacked styles. This ring would work well in any choice of metal and stones – even in contrasting two tone metals such as rose gold and platinum.


Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - Winding

Harrods.com (Delfina Delettrez)

Brides that like things a bit more unique will love this incredible winding ring that features a solitaire stone in a twisted pave band. This style is bold yet not overly fussy. The tiny pave stones and delicate band help to highlight the stone without overcrowding it or taking away from its subtle appeal.

3 Stone

Gorgeous Trillion Engagement Rings - 3 Stone

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

For those who prefer something more traditional, trillion style stones also work very well as side stones that flank a solitaire in a 3 stone ring. In this style, the triangles help to position the centre stone without stealing the show. The result is a classic, beautiful ring that has endless charm.

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