Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings have a classic square shape that is regal and timeless. This style has been a constant favourite for brides-to-be for many, many years. Versatile enough to work well in a variety of styles, but still traditional enough to appeal to the most conservative of brides, this ring can be as simple or ornate as you choose.

The style is often featured with pave bands, or with a halo style that has tiny stones encrusted around the centre square stone. Contemporary versions introduce the square shape in unusual ways, while different metals or even different coloured diamonds add even more variety to the princess cut.

Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Fit For Royalty

Why are princess cut diamond engagement rings such a time-honoured choice? Here are a few examples to inspire and dazzle…

#1 Vintage

Square Engagement Rings Vintage

A vintage style with ornate detail works well with the princess cut diamond, adding a touch of whimsy. For brides that prefer a ring that is unusual, this style works especially well. Consider adding floral type detail alongside the stone, or bring in different coloured stones to add more visual interest. With this style you can get away with bolder elements, so use your creativity to make a ring that is truly one of a kind.

#2 Minimal

Square Engagement Rings Minimal

If you prefer your jewellery to be understated and simple, a classic minimal design will work perfectly with a fine band and a small square stone. Pave encrusted bands add a bit of extra sparkle, but you could choose to leave the band unadorned as well. This delicate style will catch the light without being too bold or over the top.

#3 Three Stone

Square Engagement Ring Three Stone

The three stone ring style is romantic, elegant and ideally suited to square cut stones. As the stones have flat edges, they can be lined up perfectly in a row. Add extra sparkle with pave stones on the band, try a split band or keep things focused on the triad of stones with a plain band in platinum or white gold.

#4 Rose Gold

Square Engagement Ring Rose Gold

The copper infused tones of rose gold continue to entrance, adding a dose of warmth into ring bands. This metal goes beautifully with diamonds, offering a chic balance of cool and warm that is subtle and lovely. Pave bands and halo details enhance the sparkle even further. With the princess cut style, the romantic appeal is enhanced, giving you a feminine ring that shines in all the right places.

#5 Solitaire


One of the most traditional styles that feature this cut, you cannot go wrong with a princess solitaire. This style keeps the focus on the stone, which is set to sparkle at maximum shine. A cathedral setting that props the single stone up on the band will add stability – ask your jeweller to recommend some options on how to set this type of ring to reduce the risk of snags or loose stones.

Square Engagement Rings Solitaire#6 Contemporary

Square Engagement Ring Contemporary

For something different, and decidedly modern, you could take the concept of the square cut stone and transform it into a contemporary design. Tiny square stones set into the band offer a minimal, paired-down look, while details such as thicker band, elevated centre or unusual metal further enhance the modernity of this ring.

While princess cut engagement rings have certainly evolved over the ages, there is no doubt that this ring style will remain a popular choice for brides.