How to Plan a Romantic Engagement Ring Announcement

He popped the question, you said yes, and now you finally have a chance to publically reveal the most beautiful of all engagement rings that ever were made. This is the moment that many brides-to-be treasure forever, and while the ring is certainly something to get excited about (and flaunt!) it is the love that takes centre stage in any proposal.

Before you grab your camera to start snapping away in search of the ultimate engagement ring selfie, consider these handy tips for announcing your engagement to friends, family and social media connections.

Tips to Remember When Showing Off Engagement Rings

These tips will help you break the biggest news of your lifetime in a way that is authentic, simple and romantic…

  • Take the time to plan your announcement. Doing a quick selfie seconds after your beloved was down on one knee may be hard to resist. You will have plenty of time to make announcements however – the magic of your proposal is not something you can recreate. Take the time to be present in the moment and enjoy your special time together. Once you’ve caught your breath, you can start to think about the best way to share your news with those you love.
  • Stage a photo shoot, with mini props. Use scrabble letters, handwritten love letters, confetti numbers and anything else you can think of to tell a story in a photograph. While the ring (on your finger, of course) should take centre stage, it’s also important that you remember the other details, too. A snapshot of the happy couple, the date of proposal, your answer (just in case that was not glaringly obvious), the location… get creative and tell a story that sums up this major event in one image.
  • Tell those closest to you in person. Don’t let your immediate family and best friend find out on social media – call them to tell them personally. Even if it means a dozen or more calls, this sort of news is best told directly to those you love. And, you will want to hear the happy squeals of excitement on the other end of the line! Once you have told those in your circle (and in his circle), you can make a general announcement in the form of a photo that is shared on social media, a blog or a group email or letter.

Announcements can be as short or lengthy as you choose. You could include your story – how you met, how you fell in love, how you got to this point – or you could keep words to a minimum and let your photo say it all. Some couples hire a professional photographer for an official engagement shoot to keep a record of the big moment, while others opt to keep things down to earth with a simple ‘we did it’ type of announcement. If you have a date already in mind for your wedding, you can include this in your announcement. Most couples focus on the ring and proposal, with further updates sent once the date has been confirmed.

However you plan to announce your big news, remember to enjoy every single second of the experience, from the moment that your engagement ring is slipped onto your finger!