5 Beautiful Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

Featuring a single stone that takes centre stage in the ring design, solitaire diamond engagement rings remain a timeless choice throughout each century. What makes this style so diverse and flexible is that it gives plenty of room for personalisation. The ring can be on the subtle side, or it can be bold and fabulous, with band choice, setting choice and overall design style all influencing the final result.

If you have been daydreaming about having a shiny solitaire diamond on your engagement ring, we have some inspiration that is sure to help you get one step closer to finding (or creating) your dream ring.

Finding Inspiration for Solitaire Engagement Rings

Some ideas that you may consider for this style of ring include the following…

  1. Rose gold band with unusual cut. For something original yet classic, choosing a metal such as rose gold, along with a single stone cut in a shape such as pear can add impact without being over the top. What makes this style different is the use of soft rose gold, which is complemented by a modern cut that adds visual interest in a subtle way. For this style, try to keep the focus on the stone – a cut or setting that is too elaborate may take away the subtlety. A delicate band and simple setting keep the design simple and chic.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - Rose Gold

  1. Curved band to highlight stone. A band that is designed to showcase the single stone is a lovely way to highlight the diamond. This gives the ring a modern look, while still retaining a classic elegance that is not overly detailed or ‘fussy’. This style will work well with any metal, and works especially well with minimalist or classic styles of rings.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - Curved Band


  1. Teeny tiny stone on delicate band. Another minimal look that works well with solitaire settings is a thin, fine band with a small, round diamond. This type of ring works well in any metal – particularly gold metals or platinum. For brides who do not usually wear a lot of jewellery, this is a good choice, as it is pretty without being too bulky or flashy.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - Small Stone Delicate Band

  1. Pave band with classic cut stone. A delicate pave band with tiny stones embedded into the metal is offset by a single stone in a classic round or oval cut. This style can be bold or subtle, depending on the width of the band, the size of the embedded stones and the size of the solitaire stone. The choice of metal can also make a difference, making this a diverse style that will suit many different tastes.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - Classic cut diamond

  1. Simple stone embedded band. Working well with art deco, minimal and modern styles, a thicker band embedded with a single stone encrusted into the metal makes a statement quietly and elegantly. This style is also practical, with less risk of catching the stone on fabrics and objects. Depending on the metal of the band and the sparkle of the stone, it can be subtle or bolder.

Soliatire Diamond Engagement Rings - Simple Stone Embedded Band

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