Beautifully Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings have become a popular choice for many brides over the last year or so, and for good reason. With a distinctive copper hue that sets itself apart from yellow gold and cooler metals such as platinum and white gold, this metal is both romantic and soft. It can also be used in a variety of ring design styles, from classic to modern; bold to minimal.

What makes rose gold diamond engagement rings such a lovely choice for brides who are seeking something romantic and elegant, and what sort of designs work the best in this metal?

Choosing Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

As with many other trends in the world, jewellery trends are linked to colour, fashion and even interior trends. Metals such as copper and rose gold have been seen in many forms, from décor all the way to subtle jewellery, watches and warm colours, such as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2015, Masala – a rich shade of red orange. Warm hues such as blush, rust and copper have also appeared in numerous fashion lines. When it comes to jewellery, and particularly, rings, rose gold pairs very well with diamonds, resulting in a modern yet vintage look that has all the appeal of a classic ring style.

Some of the styles that you could consider in rose gold include the following:

  • Minimal. This type of ring is characterised by a fine, thin band, which can be hammered or smooth; and a single stone placed within a delicate, simple setting. Shapes such as teardrops, round stones or even triangles work well with this design. The trick here is to aim for a very understated look rather than trying to add too much detail. Plain bands with tiny stones set into the metal also work well for minimal styles, provided the stones are small enough to not overpower the band.
  • Classic. Just about any classic design will work well with rose gold used in the band. Solitaire, clusters, oval cut, larger stone flanked by smaller stone… the choices here are endless. If you wear a lot of simple colours and favour a classic wardrobe filled with black, grey, white and neutral items, this metal will be a good choice. It is versatile to complement most other jewellery and can even be worn with certain other metals for a two tone effect.
  • Two Tone. On that note, the two tone style is another option that is popular in recent years. Rose gold works very well with platinum and white gold especially, but can also be paired with yellow gold or even green gold for something bolder and more striking. It is best to think carefully about whether you will still like this style in a decade, and also about which stone you will choose for the setting. Diamonds of course work the best, as they do not have any colour, but a pink or gold toned stone may also work well.

Just like any other ring style and band choice, it is best to do some homework beforehand so that you have an idea of how you want the ring to look. Search online, look at bridal magazines or speak to a local jeweller so that you know how you would a basic style in mind. This will make it far easier to find your perfect choice of engagement rings.