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Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire

Twisted band engagement rings are romantic and symbolic, representing the endless journey of you and your beloved as two hearts merge into one. This style of ring has been popular for many decades, showing no sign of losing favour any time soon. Whichever style you prefer, whatever your favourite metal or stone, this ring is surprisingly diverse, with plenty of variations to suit just about every preference.

Keep reading to view our examples of beautiful twisted band engagement rings that are sure to inspire.

Fall in Love With These Gorgeous Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite twisted band diamond engagement rings include the following:

Simple Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Simple Twist


For brides who prefer their rings simple and clean-cut, this simple twist design is delicate, non-fussy and minimal. The gentle twists of the band add detail, while the solitaire stone is able to shine without distraction. This style works well in white gold or platinum, but it would also be equally lovely in yellow or rose gold if warmer hues are more your thing.

Two Tone Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Two Tone Twist


If you're looking for a bit more sparkle, a two tone ring is sure to be the ideal choice. This ring has two twisting bands, in two different tones. Each band is adorned with tiny pave stones that add maximum sparkle. The style of this ring is also diverse, depending on the metals you choose, whether or not you add pave stones, and the type of stones you choose for the pave twists and the centre stone.

Pave Pear Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave Pear Twist


Romantics and those with a love for all things vintage will adore this style. An elegant pear shaped centre stone is set in an intricate pave-encrusted twisting band, with tiny pave stones surrounding the centre stone. While this ring looks especially stunning in warmer toned metals such as yellow or rose gold, it would work well in platinum or white gold as well. This style helps to elongate the look of your finger and can be worn with the tapered end on the top or bottom of your finger.

Marquise Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Marquise Twist


This one also has a bit of a vintage look. A classic marquise cut diamond takes centre stage, with a delicately twisted pave encrusted band that adds a bit more detail. This style works well in just about any metal – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum – and any choice of stone colour or style, too. Depending on how bold or subtle you want to go, the variations are diverse for this style.

Minimal Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Minimal Twist


Traditionalists and those who prefer minimal rings will love this classic design. A delicately twisted band hugs a tiny centre stone in a solitaire setting, with no additional detail to distract the eye. This ring works well in any metal, with any colour or type of stone. Stick to a cool toned metal and a diamond for a classic look, or try a coloured diamond with a yellow or rose gold metal for a bolder look.

Rose Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Rose Twist


If rose gold and warmer tones are your thing, this ring is sure to be dazzling. Morganite works well as the centre stone, but you could also look for a coloured diamond for a similar effect. Rose gold continues the warm, rosy effect, with tiny pave stones strategically placed to create a bit of visual detail without going overboard. The final effect is romantic, feminine, and oh-so-gorgeous.

Knotted Pave Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Knotted Pave Twist


The knotted pave twist does not feature a larger stone. Instead, the detail lies in the design of the band itself. A twisted split band is knotted in an intricate design, symbolising the deeply entwined bond between you and your love. Contrasting stones, in this case chocolate and white diamonds, add even more detail, and maximum sparkle. This style would work well in any metal, with any colour or type of stone.

Pave Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave Twist

Image: Cape Diamonds

This elegant split band pave twist ring from Cape Diamonds in 18k yellow gold is the ideal choice for those who adore eye-catching rings that are timeless and beautifully crafted. The split band twists gently to a round cut solitaire diamond, with a solid gold twist adding the final touch. If yellow gold is not your thing, this ring is available in platinum, white gold and rose gold as well.

Get creative, think out of the box and consider a tailor-made twisted engagement ring from Cape Diamonds that is made perfectly to suit your style and budget.


Best and Worst Stone for Your Engagement Ring

Best and Worst Stone for Your Engagement Ring

With the huge diversity of gorgeous gemstones available, finding the right one for your engagement ring can be challenging. One way to make your decision is to consider the durability, hardness, and longevity of the stone. The Mohs hardness scale measures the hardness of stones, giving each stone a number between 1 and 10. The harder the stone, the higher the hardness rating.

Simply put, the harder the stone, the less likely it will be at risk of chipping and everyday wear and tear. As beautiful as a stone may look, it is always worth considering its hardness ratio in order to decide whether you want to take a chance that your ring may require repairs, polishing or even replacement at some point down the line. To give you a better idea of how stones compare, we have put together a list of the best and worst gems for your engagement ring.

Choosing Engagement Ring Stones

While hardness should not be the only factor you consider, it is always worth thinking carefully about whether or not your engagement ring will last forever. Some of the best and worst stones for your ring include the following:

The strongest gemstones include...

  • Diamonds. With a hardness ratio of 10, diamonds are the strongest, hardest, toughest stones on earth. Your diamond will very likely last you for the rest of your life with little to no chance of chipping and damage unless it is physically damaged. This is where the saying, “diamonds are forever” comes from... because diamonds truly do last forever.
  • Rubies. Closely following diamonds, rubies have a hardness ratio of 9, which is almost as strong as diamonds. This means that your ruby will have a very good chance of looking just as stunning as it does no in 10, 20 or even 50 years down the line.
  • Sapphires. Sapphires also have a hardness rating of 9, making them just as hard and durable as rubies. There are a surprising number of colours to be found with this stone, from the classic deep blue all the way to deeper and lighter shades of blue.

The weakest gemstones include...

  • Pearl. Pearls have a hardness ratio that is between 2.5 and 4.5, making them the weakest of all gemstones. If you do choose to include a pearl in your ring, make sure that you always remove your ring when washing dishes, bathing, gardening, playing sports, going to the gym, doing any home DIY or cleaning, or any other activity that may put your ring at risk. If you store your ring carefully and wear it on special occasions, it will last.
  • Opal. Known for their endlessly varied colours and designs, opals have become popular once again in recent years. These fascinating stones have a hardness ratio between 5.5 and 6.5. Although a bit harder than pearls, they will still require special care and storage. Be extra careful not to wear your ring when you are doing any activity that could cause damage.
  • Emerald. Although they are resistant to scratches, emeralds contain a number of tiny inclusions and cavities within the gemstone that make them susceptible to cracking and chipping. Needless to say, this is the last thing you want in a ring you plan to wear for the rest of your life. As classic as they are, these stones have a hardness ratio between 8 and 7.5, making them not the hardest stones to use for this type of ring.

If you would like expert advice on how to choose a gemstone for your custom engagement ring, be sure to contact Cape Diamonds today.


Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity engagement rings are loaded with symbolism. Representing the eternal bond between married partners, along with endless love and happiness, these rings feature a crossover design that loops for eternity. There are a number of stunning styles offered with this type of ring. To help you find some inspiration for your ring, we have put together a list of our favourite eternity style engagement rings.

Diamonds Are Forever With These Infinity Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite examples of oh-so-pretty infinity engagement rings include the following:


 Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Knot


If you prefer minimal rings, this style is sure to catch your eye. Featuring a delicate knotted band, encrusted with tiny pave stones, and a simple centre stone, the soft gold tone of this ring further adds to its charm. This ring would work well with any metal and stone, but diamonds and soft gold give it a classic, feminine look that works well with its delicate band and small, deep-set stone.


Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Pear


Pear cut rings are surprisingly versatile. A favourite over the ages, this style features a pear shaped stone. A gently twisting infinity band dotted with pave stones flows towards the halo pear, ensuring plenty of sparkle. Pear shape rings can be worn with the point facing up and down, depending on your preferences and whether you want to make your finger look longer or shorter.


Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Stacked


This gorgeous engagement set features a classic pave style eternity ring, along with a fitted wedding ring that slots into the bottom or top of the ring. Worn alone, this ring is impressive enough, but when worn with the wedding ring, this stacked ring set becomes even more magical.


Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Halo


An elegant round halo ring with a gently twisting infinity band in rose gold ensures lots of sparkle. The gentle oval shape of the centre stone will suit every hand, while the classic eternity band features infinity signs on both sides, adding to its romance. This ring would work well with any metal and stone.

Two Tone

 Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Two Tone


Two tone rings are ideal for those who like to stand out for all the right reasons. This ring has a subtle touch of rose gold that is threaded through the sophisticated pave infinity loops. The result is a balanced ring that has maximum shine and a centre stone that is beautifully framed. You could choose yellow and rose gold or yellow and white gold or platinum for this ring as well.

Endless Twist

 Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Endless Twist


This simple ring has a delicately twisting infinity pattern on its band, dotted with tiny pave stones. If you are not wild about large solitaires and centre stones, this ring is sure to be a good choice. You can add visual interest by threading two metals instead of one, or adding coloured diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or a colourful stone of your choice.


Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Pave


This modern ring has a simple solid metal band, and a single infinity loop in pave stones. Brides-to-be who favour a more contemporary look will love the simplicity of this ring. Despite its simple design, the pave stones will add plenty of impact without being over the top. You could also try adding a second metal to add more interest. This style would work in any metal.

Halo Crossover

 Dreamy Infinity Engagement Rings - Halo Crossover


For those who are searching for a big, bold and super romantic ring, the halo crossover ring in yellow gold from Cape Diamonds is a breathtaking choice. This eye-catching ring features two infinity loops, one on each side, which twist gently over a halo centre stone. In yellow gold, the effect is especially beautiful, but this style would also work in rose gold, white gold or platinum.

Looking for a beautifully designed custom infinity ring for your upcoming vows? Contact Cape Diamonds today to find your dream engagement ring in Cape Town.




Hit and Miss Engagement Rings to Avoid

Hit and Miss Engagement Rings to Avoid

Engagement rings are meant to last you a lifetime of joy, challenges and experiences. When you make a rushed decision based on trends, inside jokes or impulsive statements, there is a very real risk that you may find that you fall out of love with your ring in a few years.

To avoid having to change or replace your ring, make sure that you stay well clear of these hit and miss engagement rings.

Stay Clear of These Engagement Rings

Some of the absolute worst engagement rings to avoid include the following:

Clashing metals.

While two tone rings have plenty of impact in all the right ways, the contrast is a good one. There is a huge leap from a contrasting rose gold and platinum band to a violent red metal band that clashes against a yellow gold setting. Choosing over the top statement metals is always risky. Even if the metal does not clash with the stone or other details on the ring, it may well clash with your outfit on a regular basis. You will certainly get lots of reaction from people... perhaps not the kind of reaction you are looking for, however.

Strange shapes.

Another thing to avoid is strange shapes that distort the size and dimensions of the ring. A StarTrek inspired ring may seem hilarious now, but it may not have the same appeal a few years down the line. Stick to classic cuts and shapes that will not go out of fashion in a year, five years or ten years from now. That will ensure that you don't wake up to find yourself hating your ugly futuristic ring with a passion.

Confusing symbols.

On a similar note, it is a good idea to think carefully about ring symbolism. There are many beautiful symbols that cannot be confused or misunderstood. The danger of custom ring design is that it leaves a fair bit to interpretation. To be on the safe side, always get expert advice from an experienced jeweller in Cape Town so that you are 100% sure that your ring symbols are chosen carefully.

Unflattering rings.

The exception for this is, of course, any rings that you absolutely adore. Even if the ring makes your finger look smaller or bigger, if you love your ring, none of that will matter. If you are unsure about the ring however, how it looks on your hand should be a good deciding factor. Read our tips on choosing the right ring for your hand to find out what to look for when trying on rings.

Over the top designs.

That elaborate, massive ring may look good on paper. In reality, however, over the top rings only really work for celebrities. There are many risks to wearing ridiculously detailed rings. The more expensive and flashy your ring seems, the more carefully you will need to guard the ring. Very detailed rings can also be more likely to break, lose stones or be hard to clean, too.

Impractical rings.

On a similar note, you should also stay clear of impractical rings that are not easy to wear. These may look amazing, but they might not be comfortable. Some may snag on clothing and other fabric. Others may scratch surfaces with only the slightest pressure. A few may leave ugly impressions on your skin of your ring finger or even your adjoining fingers.

Now that you know what kind of rings to avoid, you can get to the fun part – finding rings that suit your style


Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings

Two tone engagement rings are creative, interesting and eye-catching for all the right reasons. This type of ring has many variations that further add to its appeal. Whichever stones and metals you choose, there are many ways to use this style for your dream ring.

Keep reading to get some inspiration on two tone engagement rings that are sure to dazzle.

Fall in Love With These Two Tone Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite two tone engagement rings include the following:


Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Stacked


The two tone effect works especially well on stacked ring sets. This is a simple way to add visual interest without changing the entire ring. Instead, fine rings are stacked to form a single ring. Engagement and wedding rings of contrasting metals can be worn together, resulting in a beautifully multi-tone ring that can be adjusted to add impact or provide a subtler look.

Double Cushion

Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Double Cushion


Pave and cushion cut rings look beautiful when contrasting metals are used. The trick here is to add a tiny bit of contrast that does not take away the effect of the cut. A double cushion allows you to add a contrasting band that is either left plain or enhanced with tiny pave stones. This style works well for round halo cuts as well as princess or cushion cuts.


Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Solitaire


The simple solitaire ring is given a bit of impact through a contrasting setting. This style is ideal if you love the idea of two tone rings but don't want to go over the top. You could pair gold and platinum, white and yellow gold, white and rose gold, or even yellow and rose or black gold, depending on your preferences. The round setting can be replaced by contrasting prongs for a subtler look.


Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Delicate


If delicate and minimal rings are your cup of tea, you will adore this feminine ring. Contrasting strands wind around a tiny centre stone, with a few pave stones on the band to add extra sparkle. This style is ladylike and simple, working well in just about any metal. For added impact, you could try a coloured diamond or even a statement stone such as a Tanzanite, sapphire or ruby.

Two Stone

Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Two Stone


Much as three stone rings represent the past, present and future, two stone rings are also loaded with symbolism. These rings represent the bond that you have with your love. There are many ways to add impact to this ring. Choose a delicately weaving band in a contrasting metal, or add different coloured diamonds or precious stones for even more detail.


Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Modern


Simple, clean and oh-so-modern, this ring is perfect for brides who lean towards contemporary styles. The band does not only contrast in metal but also in shape. The result is an eye-catching ring that is surprisingly understated. You could add a bit more drama to this ring by choosing a coloured diamond as the centre stone or adding coloured pave stones.

Two Hearts

Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Two Hearts


Perfect for romantics, these two intertwined hearts in contrasting metals are adorable. Delicate pave details on the bands further add to the charm of this ring. You could choose any combination of metal and stone and still enjoy a truly lovely ring. In gold and platinum or white and yellow gold with diamond, the effect is super feminine.

Split Band

Dreamy Two Tone Engagement Rings - Split Band


The classic split band ring gets a fresh update with a two tone effect, pave stones and a vibrant trillion cut citrine stone. Choose a high impact, unusual centre stone to maximise the drama of this ring, or opt for something softer, such as a chocolate or beige diamond.

Here at Cape Diamonds, we can turn your dream ring into a reality. If you're looking for beautifully made custom engagement rings in Cape Town, get in touch with our team today!


5 Engagement Ring Shopping Challenges to Avoid

Shopping for an engagement ring is not without its share of challenges. Whether you are purchasing a ring for your beloved, or you are choosing the ring together as a couple, the process can be frustrating at times.

Many people make the mistake of looking at mass produced rings at a shopping centre jewellery retailer rather than considering a custom made ring from an experienced jeweller. To give you an idea of why the latter will always give you the biggest peace of mind, keep reading our top challenges when buying the engagement ring at a generic mall jeweller.

The Biggest Engagement Ring Purchase Challenges

Engagement ring challenges that may arise when browsing jewellery retail stores include the following:

  1. Uneducated salespeople. A solid understanding of diamonds and other stones is essential. While salespeople at a mall store may have a vague idea about ring cuts, settings and the Four Cs, they may lack critical information that helps you make the best choice. A professional jeweller, on the other hand, would be able to suggest a lower carat diamond that still has ample sparkle, helping you stay within your budget without sacrificing the look of the ring. Likewise, a good jeweller can also help you choose the best stone cut to suit your finger shape and hand size.
  1. Limited available stock. Many store jewellers keep a limited number of rings in store, with full stock kept in a warehouse or head office facility. This means that the rings you see in store may not be a full reflection of the available styles. A jeweller that sells online meanwhile will display a wide range of products on their website, allowing you to get a better idea of the styles that are available. You will also almost always have the option to have your ring custom designed as well, which takes us to our next point...
  1. Mass produced rings. Most brides dream of having a unique, handmade ring that does not look exactly like thousands of similar rings made en masse. A major challenge to overcome when browsing rings from a chain store is that rings are made in very large batches. You may have some variation, but not as much as you would when buying your ring from an experienced, professional jeweller that specialises in engagement and wedding rings. Going to an expert who is able to make a custom ring is the only way to ensure a truly one of a kind ring.
  1. Over-bearing salespeople. It can be intimidating dealing with pushy salespeople. A number of high-end jewellery retailers have a very clever strategy that involves popping the bubbly and pampering potential customers. This strategy is carefully designed to encourage customers to spend as much as possible. Even if you are not treated to bubbly, salespeople can add a great deal of pressure to the decision-making process.
  1. Lack of insight on metals. Finally, many jewellery salespeople are also limited in their knowledge on metals. Those with allergies will need to stick to metals that are hypo-allergenic, such as platinum. Other customers may have a general idea of which metal to choose. Having a jeweller who understands the qualities of each metal is vital to ensure that your dream ring becomes a reality.

All in all, the only way to avoid these challenges is to consider a jeweller that is able to craft unique rings that will last a lifetime. Contact Cape Diamonds today if you would like to know more about finding the very best custom engagement rings in Cape Town and surrounds.


Incredible Oval Cut Engagement Rings to Inspire

Flattering on most hands, oval engagement rings are classic, elegant and timeless. This style can be incredibly versatile as well, working well with just about every ring style. Whether you are seeking a simple solitaire that helps elongate your fingers subtly or an ornate ring design that is eye-catching in all the right ways, oval cuts are well worth considering.

In this mini ring guide, we take a look at some of the engagement ring styles that work well with an oval shaped diamond or precious stone.

Fall in Love With These Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite oval engagement rings include these beauties...


Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave



A full or half pave band that flows up to a halo helps to add maximum sparkle to oval cut stones. This style is especially good if you have a smaller centre stone or one that has fewer carats. It works with regular and brilliant cut diamonds, but also works well with other stones and metals, such as morganite and rose gold, or ruby and platinum.

Vintage Halo

Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Vintage Halo



Another variation of the halo is an ornate, vintage style double halo. This design is feminine and pretty, with tiny stones making up the second halo. It works well in platinum or white gold and diamonds. Coloured diamonds could be used for the centre stone, first halo or second halo to add more impact. You could also change the metal colour or even use two metals.

Three Stone

Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Three Stone



Three stone or trilogy rings are a favourite among many brides-to-be. This style represents your past, present, and future, making it deeply romantic and symbolic. Oval cut stones work well for the centre stone or the side stones. Whether done in rose or yellow gold or even a cooler toned metal, this style is soft and classic with an elegance that will never go out of fashion.

Two Tone

Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Two Tone



Two tone rings can add lots of impact without going over the top. Mixing and matching metals also helps to add focus to the centre stone. In this example, warm and cool toned metals are used on the band and prongs, off-set against the cool toned diamond in the centre and the pave stones on the band. The result is an eye-catching ring that is unusual and interesting.


Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Floral



Ideal for romantics at heart, halo rings do not have to stick to classic pave. This floral design uses tiny stones that are set around the centre stone. These stones will catch the light for optimal sparkle, while also giving the illusion of petals. The result is a floral inspired ring that is unique, beautiful and full of sparkle. You could add more impact by using different stones in the centre or halo.

Sapphire Twist

Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Sapphire Twist



Twisted bands add visual detail without overpowering the centre stone. In fact, the twists in the band can help to highlight the stone, making them appear bigger. When flanked with tiny stones, this result is magnified even further. Sapphire and gold work especially well in this design, with muted diamonds used as the side stones. The ring is bold, beautiful and far from ordinary.

Halo Split Band

Incredible Oval Engagement Rings to Inspire - Halo Split Band



Finally, another timeless choice is the halo split band. The Cape Diamonds Cluster Split Band Oval Halo in platinum is a sophisticated choice for the bride who is seeking a ring that will last through the ages. The gentle split of the band helps to enhance the size of the centre stone while making shorter fingers look longer and slimmer. The pave stones further maximise the sparkle, catching the light easily.

Whichever style you prefer, one thing is for sure... oval cut stones are a good choice for just about every finger shape and hand size. This style will never date, either. To find out more about custom ring design in Cape Town, contact Cape Diamonds today. We will help you find the perfect choice of engagement rings that suits your budget, preferences and style.


How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

If you are wondering how to make a smaller diamond look bigger on your engagement ring, you're in luck. Although nothing can physically change the size other than a bigger stone, there are a few ways to create the illusion of size. This is done through carefully choosing of the size of the band, the setting, the shape, the design itself and even the colour of the metal on your band.

Keep reading to get our expert tips on how to make engagement ring diamonds look bigger. You can then use these tips to design your dream ring in a way that amplifies your stone to perfection.

How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Our Tips On How to Make Engagement Ring Diamonds Look Bigger

Some tips to keep in mind when planning your engagement ring include the following:

  • Choose a thinner band. A delicate band will make your stone appear bigger. On the other hand, a thicker band may cause the centre stone to appear lost, and therefore smaller. You could opt for a split band design, or even a double banded design that frames your diamond perfectly without overshadowing it or making it appear smaller.
  • Choose a different shape. Round diamonds show their size more than other shapes. With so many shapes available, you could take your pick from pear, marquise, oval, triangular, baguette or even a square shape such as a princess or cushion cut diamond. To get a better idea of which shapes suit your hand the best, read our guide to choosing the right ring for your finger.
  • Choose a smaller setting. The setting itself can also change the appearance of the stone. A chunky prong setting will take up space around the edge of the diamond, shrinking its appearance. When the band is also thicker, the stone will appear even tinier. A delicate four prong setting on a thin band meanwhile will help to create the illusion of a bigger diamond.
  • Choose a halo design. Pave stones are an affordable way to add sparkle without a massive size. These work especially well around a small centre diamond. The result is a glittering ring that will catch the light at every turn, while not bankrupting you in the process.
  • Choose a lighter band. A lighter, brighter metal can also help to make your diamond appear larger. White gold is a good choice, as it is a whiter tone than platinum. A lighter shade of yellow could also work, or even a paler rose gold.

The best way to ensure that your ring is every bit as perfect as you have always wanted it to be is to work with an experienced jeweller that is able to make your dreams come true. To find out more about custom


Get Inspired by These Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog

Dreaming about vintage style engagement rings? If you lean towards antique and vintage styles that offer a combination of classic elegance and unique details, there are many ring styles that you may find just perfect. Common trends in this ring style include unusual stones, filigree and other ornate details, three stone designs, flattering cuts such as marquise, oval and pear, geometric shapes, pave stones, yellow and rose gold metals, coloured diamonds and intricate designs.

We have put together some of our favourite vintage style engagement rings to help you find inspiration for your dream ring. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can then get in touch with Cape Diamonds to have your custom ring made to perfection.


Gorgeous Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Some of the most amazing vintage style engagement rings we have seen lately include the following:

Tourmaline Pear

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


This metal was a firm favourite in the art deco era. Known for its vibrant shade of blue, this stone is unusual and eye-catching. It works especially well in a warm hued metal such as yellow or rose gold. You can flank the centre stone with diamonds or even pearls for even more of a vintage look. Pear cut stones look especially amazing with this style, but marquise cut could also work well.

Pave Hexagon

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


Bold geometric shapes were also favoured in the art deco era. The clean lines of the hexagon are given additional sparkle through tiny pave stones that surround the stone and continue onto the band. While this style works in a cool toned metal such as platinum, it could also work in a two tone ring or in yellow gold or rose gold. You could also try a coloured centre diamond for added impact.

Gold Pearl

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog

Image: Neta Wolpe on

Soft, romantic and feminine, pearls add plenty of vintage charm to any ring. This stone works very well with yellow gold, but can be used with any metal. Tiny diamonds flank this ring, adding a delicate detail without being overpowering. If you choose a pearl, it is worth noting that these stones are not as tough as diamonds. Make sure that you remove your ring if you are doing any housework or manual labour to avoid chips.

Split Band

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


Split band rings are classic, elegant and sophisticated. These rings have been a favourite for many years, adapting to each era without much change. If you love a simple style that is not fussy or over the top, this is always a great option. The style is vintage without being overly bold or fancy. Instead, it offers timeless beauty that will never go out of fashion.

Braided Pave

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


This style has an eternity band front, which flows into a solid band. When studded with tiny pave stones, the result is a gently flowing ring that sparkles in all the right places. Although it looks lovely in gold, it can be just as eye-catching in a cooler tone or in rose gold. Keep the diamonds white, or add some colour with brown or champaign coloured diamonds for a softer look.

Three Stone

Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


Three stone rings are also classic. The combination of rose gold and black diamond works very well with this style, giving it an antique look that is still kept simple and uncluttered. This ring would also work well in yellow gold or even platinum, with a white diamond or even a ruby, emerald, tanzanite or sapphire in the centre. This style is said to represent your past, present and future with your love.

Antique Filigree


Vintage Style Engagement Rings | Cape Diamonds Blog


One of the many exquisite rings in the Cape Diamonds Antique Ring Collection is this antique filigree ring. The band has beautifully ornate details that add to its beauty, while the centre stone is set in a way that ensures optimal sparkle. This ring is available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.


Browse our full collection of antique and vintage style engagement rings to find your dream diamond engagement ring in Cape Town today.

How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

No one likes to think about engagement ring failure, but the reality is that there is always a chance that you may be less than thrilled when your ring is finally ready. Even if you have had a say in the process from the start, there are a few things that can affect your happiness at the final result.

In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the most common reasons for disappointment. Keep reading to find out why your engagement ring may be more miss than hit.

Dealing With a Failed Engagement Ring Design

How to Handle Engagement Ring Failures

Some potential scenarios that may apply in the case of engagement ring failure include the following:

  • The ring is not sized correctly. If you sought help from a professional jeweller, you should not have this problem. Ideally, you should go into the workshop for a sizing. Keep in mind that your fingers may swell on a hot day or after you have been exercising. Try to do your fitting in the middle of the day when your fingers are not likely to swell. If you have ordered a ring online, using your regular ring size, be prepared for disappointment. It is impossible to be 100% certain of sizing for each ring style until you have had a professional fitting.
  • You hate the stone. If you are not thrilled about the stone, but you like the metal and the overall design, your jeweller should be able to replace the stone if it is in a regular setting. If the stones have been set into the band, it may be harder. Always ask your jeweller what he advises – it may end up ruining the ring if you remove the stone. Solitaire style designs are the easiest to change stones. Looking for inspiration on which stone to choose? View our birthstone ring ideas.
  • You hate the metal. You sadly won't be able to do much about a ring in a metal you do not like, other than get a new ring. This is why it is extremely important to do your homework first, whether you are choosing your ring for yourself or a partner. Taking a guess at whether or not the metal will be a right choice can end up in major disappointment. As this ring will be worn for life, it should be in a metal that you absolutely love.
  • The design does not suit you. Once again, doing some homework beforehand to be sure of what you want, or asking your partner to choose the ring rather than surprising them with a ring and risking the chance of your partner rejecting your ring. Be very wary of following trends, too. Although you may think that a trendy style is the right choice, you may not love it in a few years. If the design does not suit your hand, it may also make you love it less.
  • Extra details were added at cost. Be careful about asking your jeweller for lots of small changes. These can quickly add up, and if you end up with a ring that costs far more than you expected, it can give you a bit of a shock to say the least. Always speak to your jeweller about your budget and get their input into what would be the best style for your needs.


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