Are Black Friday Engagement Ring Sales Worth the Price?

Black Friday has become a massive shopping event around the world, and many retail jewellers are jumping on the bandwagon with Black Friday discounts on engagement rings. While there’s no doubt that getting a good price on your ring isn’t a bad thing, leaping at any opportunity to get a discount has its drawbacks. We have spoken about the problem with ring specials before. In that guide, we pointed out problems such as generic designs, stock clearance, poor quality, and even potential scams. In this guide, we’ll be talking about the world’s biggest shopping day and why trying to find Black Friday deals isn’t the best choice for engagement rings or any other high-value jewellery pieces.

The Realities of Black Friday Engagement Ring Sales

Are Black Friday sales really worth the discount when it comes to engagement rings? Here are a few things you’ll need to know before you rush out to try and find rings at reduced prices.

Rushing your choice is never good

This ring is something you will wear for the rest of your life. There is a good reason that brides take a while to think about the styles they want. You may have some idea already and you hope that you’ll find this design or something similar as soon as the Black Friday madness hits. But it’s more likely that you have more of a general idea of your choice rather than the exact ring. For traditional styles, you might find a generic ring at a retail store. You may feel pressured into making a choice when you know that the discounted price is only available for a limited time. For many consumer goods, limited-time discounts are great. For your precious ring, they can rush you into choosing without sitting down with a jeweller to discuss the elements and style you really want in your engagement ring.

Impulse buys are even worse

That brings us to our next point – engagement ring regret. This is far more common than you may realise. One of the biggest causes of regret is impulse buying. Buying after blindly following trends seen on social media is another cause. Impulse buys are never a good idea. The pressure you feel to choose a ring based on price alone can result in choosing a ring that you won’t love in a year from now (or even a few months from now). Most retail stores use clever marketing campaigns to create a sense of urgency, which can increase the risk of impulse buys.

Custom design takes time

Most flash sales or limited-time sale events are found at retailers that have a set amount of stock. This stock will typically include generic styles. Some may be trend-focused and you may have some choice in the metal or carats. However, custom ring design is not something you can expect during holiday shopping sales. If you are searching for rings in large mega stores or going to the mall to check out specials at a walk-in type jeweller, don’t expect a custom ring. There are many ways to save on your personalised ring, wrushing out and buyingand buy something that isn’t quite what you want.

You can’t guarantee quality

Cheap very seldom means quality. If you’re going into a walk-in jeweller, browsing the web for any reduced stock prices, or expecting a quality ring at a low price, it’s important to know that you may end up with a poor-quality ring. Buying generic rings online at stores that do not specialise in this type of jewellery often means quality issues. Going to a highly experienced, qualified jeweller who is fully certified, deals with conflict-free diamonds, and can provide expert advice will always ensure quality.

Demand for generic rings is high

Lastly, remember that everyone is looking for deals during Black Friday. That ring you saw at the start of a sale will not always be there the next day. Generic rings are in high demand. Many brides are waiting for this sale to get the lowest prices. If you do happen to see something you like, you may not be sure that you’ll still get the ring at the reduced price.

As always, planning is essential. Setting realistic budgets and finding ways to save on a custom ring will always trump trying to jump in there as quickly as possible to buy a ring on special. If you’re looking for rings that are tailored exactly to your style and preference, Cape Diamonds is here to help. Along with our collection of engagement rings, we also offer bespoke designs, helping you find your dream ring.

Elegant Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A modern take on traditional cushion cut designs, elongated engagement rings have an elegant design that sets them apart. This ring design has the perfect balance of soft, rounded edges and a chic, sophisticated silhouette. The length of the cut can also have a flattering effect on the finger, making it appear longer and more slender. If you’ve always loved the timeless appeal of a traditional cushion cut but prefer a shape or longer styles that make your fingers look longer, you will love this ring. With its timeless appeal and distinctive shape, this type of engagement ring is sure to make a statement in all the right ways.

Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings to Inspire

Here are just some examples of elongated cushion-cut engagement rings to inspire your ring choice.

Classic Solitaire


Perfect for those who prefer minimal, subtle, stylish rings, you can never go wrong with a classic solitaire. This ring features a yellow gold band, with an elongated cushion diamond in the centre. Although gold is always a sophisticated choice, this ring would work equally well in any other metal. You could also add something extra by choosing a coloured diamond.

Wrapped Band


Wrapped bands are ideal for modern brides who love unique styles. This design features a wrap-around band that winds around the finger, with the centre stone positioned at the end in a simple setting. The combination of cool-toned metal and white diamonds adds to its appeal, but warmer metals such as yellow or rose gold are a good choice if you want to make the ring stand out a bit more.

Gold Halo


Another classic design is the halo. In this design, the halo surrounds the elongated centre stone, with a series of pave stones set along a gold band. This is the perfect choice for brides who love rings that have plenty of sparkle. Adding pave stones to your ring is a great way to maximise the size of the ring without using larger stones. Halo designs also help the centre stone stand out more easily.

Gradient Pave


Another take on the pave band is a gradient pave band. This band features a gentle curve, encrusted with small diamonds that get larger as they get closer to the centre stone. The effect is subtle but stylish, making it a slight variation on conventional pave rings without being too over the top.

Hidden Halo


Hidden halo rings continue to be a popular choice – for good reason. Elegant, feminine, and surprisingly subtle, these rings feature hidden stones. In this ring, the diamond takes centre stage, while smaller stones are positioned along the band. The combination of diamonds and rose gold adds even more to the ring.

Double Band


The combination of rose gold and morganite has remained a classic choice, with the mixture of two warm hues perfectly complementing each other. In this ring, a modern double band adds visual detail, while tiny white pave diamonds along each band add the final touch.

Whether you’re thinking of an elongated cushion engagement ring or something more personalised, Cape Diamonds is here to help you find your perfect ring.

Emergency Fixes for Engagement Ring Problems

Engagement rings are symbols of love and commitment, making them one of the most important items you will own. Whether you have a classic ring, something modern, or a bold style with a high-carat stone, keeping your ring safe is essential. When life gets hectic, it gets easy to forget to follow basic maintenance measures. You may forget to clean your ring. You may not notice any wobbly stones. You may forget to take your ring off when you’re washing the dishes, heading to the gym, or doing some work in the garden. You might keep reminding yourself to take your ring to your jeweller to get that scratch sorted. When something happens to your ring, it’s completely natural to panic and wish you’d done something sooner.

Before you beat yourself up too much, there are a few quick fixes that can prevent an engagement ring emergency. While these fixes will hopefully reduce the risk of lost stones or other damage, it’s important to note that they are temporary fixes. You will need to take your ring to a professional jeweller as soon as possible once you’ve avoided a ring crisis.

Emergency Engagement Ring Fixes

Here are a few fixes to help you deal with any engagement ring emergencies.

Loose Stones

Discovering a wobbly gemstone in your ring can have you in a panic very quickly. If you notice your diamond or gemstone is loose, take it off immediately and do not wear it until you can get it professionally secured. Once it’s off your finger, you can use clear nail polish or a ring guard to keep the stone in place. Gently apply a layer of clear polish on the inner band of the ring and then place it in its original box or another safe place where it can’t move around too much. A ring guard can also secure the stone temporarily by wrapping it around the setting.

Wear and Tear

Over time, some metals can start to lose their sheen. Some stones can also begin to lose their sparkle – especially if you do not have a high-clarity stone. If your ring looks a bit dull or discoloured, a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap, and a soft toothbrush can help get it shiny again. Gently scrub the ring with this solution, being extra careful to prevent damaging the setting. Always remember to dry it thoroughly after cleaning.

Poor Fit

Pregnancy, weather, weight changes, and other factors can all affect your ring fit. If your ring feels too loose, there is a bigger risk of losing the ring – something you really don’t want to happen. If possible, remove the ring until you can get it resized. You can also try a silicone ring adjuster that wraps around the base of your ring if you don’t want to take it off until you get to your jeweller. If your ring feels too tight, remove it using soap or hand lotion, then take it to get resized. Remember that your ring should always feel comfortable, with a fit that is not too tight or too loose.

Scratched Surface

Minor scratches on the surface of your ring’s band can make it lose its gleam. Using a polishing cloth designed for jewellery can help reduce the appearance of scratches. It’s a temporary solution, but it can bring some shine back until you get the ring professionally polished.

While these emergency fixes can be useful in a pinch, it’s essential to remember that they are just that—temporary solutions. Always consult with a professional jeweller to ensure that your ring receives the proper care it deserves. Regular maintenance and check-ups will not only keep your ring sparkling but also ensure its longevity.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer a range of beautiful engagement rings, along with bespoke design, insurance replacements, and other solutions that help you find your dream ring.

Why Consider Half Moon Engagement Rings?

Contemporary, unique, and beautiful, half moon engagement rings are perfect for those wanting something a little different than traditional designs. Although these rings can be designed with a modern, boho-inspired style, they can also be incorporated into classic styles. As their name implies, half moon stones have a half-circle shape. They are often used as side stones, which makes them a good choice in trilogy rings as well as cluster rings. They also work well in Toi et Moi rings and other designs. Whether you choose to add them as accent stones, choose diamond alternatives such as colourful gemstones to add contrast, or try something bolder, half moon engagement rings are a stunning choice.

Gorgeous Half Moon Engagement Rings

Here are just a few of the half moon engagement rings to show you the magic of this ring style.

Platinum Trilogy


This ring gives a modern touch to trilogy designs. Also known as three-stone rings, these rings are romantic and symbolic, representing your past, present, and future as a couple. The simple elegance of platinum and white diamonds is a combination that will never date. Yellow or rose gold would work well, too, though, if you’re looking for a warmer metal tone.

Sapphire Pave


Another timeless combination is sapphires and diamonds. In this ring, half moon side stones are given more bling with tiny pave diamonds that continue in a halo around the centre sapphire and along the ring’s band. Would you prefer a deeper shade of blue? Try a Tanzanite stone instead to add more colour.

Toi et Moi


Toi et Moi rings are another romantic ring style. Translating to You and Me, they are designed with two stones on the end of an open band. While some styles have the stones placed next to each other, at an angle, or side by side, more contemporary designs feature an open band. A simple bezel setting puts the focus on the half moon diamonds at either end of this engagement ring.

Minimal Bezel


You could also bring in bezel styles with a very simple, minimal ring. This ring features a delicate band, with a small half moon diamond in the centre. It would work well in any metal. Keep it classic with a white diamond, add a black diamond for more impact, or choose a warm-coloured stone such as morganite to pair with a rose gold band.

Oval Halo


For something bolder, you could incorporate a halo of tiny pave diamonds, a larger centre stone, and mid-sized half moons to flank the middle stone. White sapphires work well with yellow gold and white gold, but diamonds, brighter gemstones, or any other metal or stone would work equally well. You could add more drama by choosing colourful side stones for contrast.

Gold Crescent


This style can also include crescent moons for a boho touch. A delicate gold band and a small diamond in a bezel setting make this curved band pretty and feminine. It would be a great choice if you plan to stack your rings or if you want something that does not need to make a very big statement.

Peridot Pave


With its vibrant shade of green, peridot is an unusual, stunning stone. In this ring, a half moon peridot sits below a simple pave-encrusted gold band. One of the nice things about this design is that you can wear it with the half moon facing upwards or downwards. It’s also a great choice for ring stacking.

Ruby Milgrain


Milgrain rings have a vintage appeal, adding plenty of detail to any ring design. In this ring, a geometric border features a series of small half moons, with a split shank. In the centre, a deep red ruby adds bold colour. The combination of milgrain detail, pave diamonds, small stones, and the large ruby results in a striking ring.

Wondering whether this style is right for you? Custom ring design from Cape Diamonds is the best way to plan your dream ring, whether you are considering half moon engagement rings or any other style.

How to Future-Proof Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and commitment – something that is meant to last a lifetime. While ring trends come and go, the meaning and symbolism of your ring remain the same. With that said, there may come a point when you decide you want to update your ring. You may want to add new details, such as a new stone when your child is born. You may want to add an engraving or change the setting to something more practical for your lifestyle.

A ring that is chosen entirely for its trend appeal rather than its timeless design will often be harder to update. A ring that has a design that can be updated down the line will be easier to update, on the other hand. On the other hand, you don’t want to be limited to a ring that you find boring or overly simple.

How can you ensure that your engagement ring stands the test of time, both in durability and style? Future-proofing your ring is about finding the perfect balance between current trends and long-term wearability.

Future-Proofing Your Engagement Ring

There are a few ways that you can ensure that your ring can be worn for decades to come, without the need for a major redesign or a ring replacement. Here are a few things you could consider.

Choose a timeless style

Ideally, you want a style that you will love now and forever. While it’s tempting to choose a ring that’s currently the latest celebrity-inspired style on Instagram, remember that you’ll need to imagine how it will look in 10, 20 or even 30 years. Will it still be something you would wear or would it lose its appeal as you get older? Timeless designs typically feature clean lines and classic cuts. That doesn’t mean you have to incorporate elements to personalise the ring, though. You could look at details such as hidden halos, engravings, secret stones, diamond alternatives or any other touches that make a classic ring unique to your style preferences. If you choose a simple setting, it will also be easier to change stones if you decide that you want a gemstone instead of a diamond in a few years.

Invest in quality over size

While a giant diamond might seem appealing, a high-quality, modest-sized gem can often be a wiser investment for the long term. Larger stones can be more prone to chipping and may not be practical for daily wear. A quality stone, regardless of its size, will hold its brilliance and value over the years. Opting for a high-grade stone in a durable setting is an excellent way to future-proof your ring. If you’re on a budget, you could look at designs that don’t feature a large diamond but instead feature smaller stones or clusters.

Consider a versatile design

Versatility is another factor that ensures that your ring is future-proof. Consider a ring that pairs well with different kinds of bands, as you might want to add an anniversary or eternity band later on or update your wedding band. Designs that are too intricate or unconventional might limit your options for complementary pieces in the future. Stacked rings can be a great option, as they give you more ways to mix and match your rings depending on your style.

Focus on longevity & durability

When it comes to long-lasting rings, metal and settings also play a significant role. Metals like platinum are incredibly durable and less likely to get scratched or lose their shine over time. Settings like a bezel or others that hold the stone in place securely will prevent stones from catching on clothing or coming loose. Think about how willing you are to maintain your ring and consider your lifestyle, too. Some metals and stones require regular upkeep to stay looking their best. If low-maintenance longevity is important to you, choose stones with a higher Mohs rating and metals that will be easy to maintain over time.

Factor in lifestyle changes

On the topic of lifestyle, think about how your current lifestyle may evolve over the years. If you have a job that requires a lot of hand-washing or anything else that can subject your ring to wear and tear, you will want something more practical. When you have children, keep in mind that your ring may fit differently or you may want something simpler. Stepping up your fitness routine, moving to a warmer climate and various other changes can also come into play. Choosing a ring that will adapt to your lifestyle, however, it changes, is the best way to make sure that you can wear it forever.

At Cape Diamonds, we offer a range of timeless, classic engagement rings to suit every style. Whether you’re looking for a specific style or you’d like to plan your dream ring with our custom design service, get in touch with us and let us help you design a ring that’s made for now and forever.

Fall in Love With These Claddagh Engagement Rings

Whether you have Irish heritage or simply love rings that are rich in symbolism, Claddagh engagement rings are a perfect option to consider. These rings date all the way back to the Irish village of Claddagh in the 17th Century. Featuring two hands holding a heart, with a crown at the top, the rings represent love, friendship and loyalty.

Although they are also used as promise and friendship rings, they are an especially romantic option for engagement rings, representing the deep bond you share that goes beyond romantic love. They represent a lasting partnership based on trust, commitment and a shared future together. If you prefer rings that offer something more unique, you’re sure to fall in love with these rings.

Romantic & Symbolic Claddagh Engagement Rings

As engagement rings, there are many ways to bring in the spirit of Claddagh, in elegant designs that combine symbolism with style. Here are some ideas to inspire your custom ring design.

Golden Heart


This ring has a classic Claddagh style, featuring the traditional crown, hands and heart. The addition of a heart-cut diamond adds a touch of extra romance to this ring, while the simple gold band helps make the centre stone stand out. While this ring works well in yellow gold, it would work well in any other metal. You could also swap out the centre diamond for a coloured diamond or even a classic Irish-inspired emerald.

Celtic Knots


For something more contemporary, this rose gold ring incorporates another Irish element – Celtic knots. The band is delicately knotted, leading up towards the centre, with two tiny diamonds on either side, positioned within the knots. A heart-shaped diamond is capped by a tiny diamond, giving the illusion of a crown. The three stones situated along the ring add even more symbolism, representing your past, present and future. This feminine ring would work in any metal.

Triple Band


Another example of a modern Claddagh design is this triple-band ring. Each band is encrusted with tiny pave diamonds. The centre band holds the heart and hands, while the top band features a small crown. The result is a subtle ring that manages to make a statement without being too bold. You could add more contrast by mixing metals or choosing a coloured diamond instead of a classic white diamond.

Modern Stack


Love stacked rings? This one is yet another great example of how to incorporate Claddagh in a modern design. The bottom ring is a simple tiara or chevron ring, with bezel-set diamonds in a gradient. The main ring features an emerald in the centre, flanked by a heart-shaped halo, and a crown at the top. The result is a contemporary, unique ring.

Rosy Morganite


Morganite and rose gold are a match made in heaven – especially when it comes to romantic engagement ring designs. In this design, the bezel-set centre heart is flanked by subtle hands, with a crown positioned at the top. A delicate band ensures that the ring keeps its ornate detail without being too over the top.

Minimal Pave


For something even simpler, this is the ultimate minimal Claddagh ring. A fine yellow-gold band leads into the hands, while an open pave heart lies at the centre. A crown sits on the top of the heart. You could enhance this ring with more detail by adding additional pave stones along the crown or along the top of the band, or keep it simple to let the heart take centre stage. Changing the open pave heart to a heart-cut diamond with a heart halo would also add more detail to this ring.

However, if you decide to bring in an element of Irish romance, a custom ring design is the best way to turn your dream ring into a reality. Contact Cape Diamonds to find out how we can help you craft the perfect Claddagh engagement ring.

Before You Go for Those Engagement Ring Specials…

When it comes to engagement rings, budgets aren’t the most romantic thing to be thinking about, but like it or not, costs are all part of choosing the perfect ring. There is a lot of confusion surrounding costs, from the 3 months salary rule to whether or not you should be spending more than you can afford and how you can save while still getting a ring you love. It may not be the most glamorous part of buying an engagement ring, but failing to consider costs can ruin the process of choosing a ring and planning your future together.

One of the things that can trip up a lot of couples is the lure of specials and sales. In theory, the idea is great. Getting a ring on special means saving money. Saving money means getting the best ring without having to spend more. In reality, although there are certainly ways you can save on your ring price, falling for the idea that specials are the way to go can end up leaving you with a ring that is far from perfect.

The Problem With Engagement Ring Specials

As with any high-value item, you get what you pay for, and engagement rings are no exception. This doesn’t mean you should ever get into debt or spend more than you can afford, of course. What it does mean is planning ahead, saving and looking for ways to save without compromising quality. Here are a few reasons to be wary of any specials or offers that sound too good to be true.

Specials can mean stock clearance

If you’re browsing at a retail jewellery store and see a big sign advertising specials, it may be due to rings being sold to make way for new stock. This could be due to styles of rings that haven’t been selling well, rings that haven’t gotten great reviews or rings that were going through a style craze and are now no longer in high demand. That’s not to say you won’t find anything in these sales – it simply means that you may not find the right ring.

Specials can mean poor quality

Be very wary of discount sites and other stores that specialise in marked-down products. Large specials and sales on rings made from precious materials such as diamonds and gold or platinum can indicate a poor level of quality. You may find that the rings have a big mark down because the stones have a lower clarity or the metal has a lower carat. You may find that the rings scratch easily or that they have impractical settings that catch on clothing and will need to be replaced to prevent loose stones.

Specials may mean generic styles

In a lot of cases, it is the generic, pre-made styles that go on special. This is not a problem if you have a clear idea of the ring you want and it happens to fall within a specific style, such as a traditional halo, a simple solitaire or a timeless three-stone ring. If you’re looking for a more unique ring or you want to add your own details to make the ring unique, you will want to avoid generic styles. Custom rings don’t have a set price. Instead, they are priced according to the overall design, the stones you choose, the metal you choose, the number of stones, and numerous other factors.

Specials can mean potential scams

The most important concern of all is the risk of scams. Be extremely cautious if you are offered a ring at a very low price and it is not made by a reputable jeweller. Scammers play on your hopes to save on your ring and they will try and exploit this by charging what seems to be a lower amount for a fake diamond. There is an increased risk of gold-plated bands instead of genuine gold. There’s also no certification, which can make insurance impossible. Then there’s the risk of conflict diamonds if the diamonds are genuine but not ethically sourced.

At Cape Diamonds, we aim to make finding your dream ring accessible, without compromising on quality. Working with an experienced jeweller is the best way to get the ring you want, at a price you can realistically afford. By getting advice on choosing diamonds, metals and designs, you can start planning a ring that is just right. Contact us today and let us help you start planning your dream ring now.

Captivating Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Ideal for those looking for something with just enough bling to stand out, without being too obvious, hidden halo engagement rings are the perfect choice. As their name suggests, these rings give a unique spin on the classic halo design. Rather than featuring the halo in its traditional place around the centre stone, hidden halos are placed in less obvious places. Some sit just below the bottom of the stone’s setting. Others form part of a more complex band. In almost every design, the halos can only be seen from certain angles rather than from the front, making these rings a subtle choice if you prefer rings with a more minimal design. If you’re wondering whether halo engagement rings are a good choice, these rings are sure to give you some inspiration for your dream engagement ring.

Get Inspired by These Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Here are just a few examples of gorgeous hidden halo engagement rings.

Emerald Cut


In this ring, pave reigns supreme. Set on a delicate yellow gold band encrusted with two rows of tiny diamonds, the hidden pave continues upwards and runs along the base of the emerald-cut centre diamond. This ring is closer to traditional halo rings than other styles, so it may be a good choice if you want something more subtle, without losing the effect of halo sparkles.

Platinum Pave


This ring also features a double pave diamond band, in cool platinum. The halo in this design runs along the base of the centre solitaire diamond, enhancing the stone and adding plenty of sparkle when the ring catches the light. From the top, the halo is invisible, giving it the appearance of a more traditional solitaire ring with a pave band. From the side, you’ll catch a glimpse of the tiny halo band.

Rose Gold


Ornate rings are a must for those who prefer bolder styles. In this design, a rose gold band encrusted with tiny diamonds runs upwards towards the centre diamond. On the side profile, a split shank reveals a tiny halo of diamonds. The combination of rose gold and diamonds works well, but you could also add more drama by choosing black diamonds for some stones or choosing morganite or another stone that blends into the colour of the band.

Three Stone


Romantic and full of symbolism, three-stone or trilogy rings remain one of the most popular engagement ring styles, for good reason. These rings represent three stages in your journey together as a couple – your past, your present and your future. In most designs, the centre stone – your gift – is the largest. This simple design adds something extra with a delicate halo set below each stone, with a half halo situated along the bottom of all three stones.

Yellow Gold


The combination of yellow gold and white diamonds will remain one of the most timeless choices, whatever style you choose. In this ring design, an elegant classic is given an update with the addition of a layer of halo diamonds positioned around the prongs of the centre stone. Pave stones running along the top and middle half of a delicate gold band enhance the look even further.

Round Cut


If you want something even more minimal and subtle, this round-cut ring is a great example of how to bring in hidden halo elements without adding a lot of pave diamonds. A simple rose gold band and a solitaire diamond set in a traditional prong setting are enhanced by a tiny halo positioned at the base of the centre stone. What makes this ring special is its simplicity, which makes the peek-a-boo effect of the halo stand out even further.

Two Tone


Prefer your rings on the bolder side? Two-toned rings are always a good choice. This style works very well with hidden halos and adds an element of style that enhances the balance of warm and cool-toned metals. A cushion-cut diamond is set above a halo of diamonds in a white gold setting. The band is mostly rose gold, with white gold running halfway along the inside of the band.

One of the many benefits of custom ring design is that it gives you the chance to bring in elements of rings that inspire, making it easier to plan a truly unique ring. At Cape Diamonds, our goal is to help you plan your dream ring, whether it is a halo engagement ring or any other style you prefer.

The Best Ways to Propose With Her Engagement Ring

Popping the big question is easily one of the most life-changing moments for any couple, and of course, the engagement ring plays a huge role in this moment. In theory, proposals should be by-the-book and Instagram-worthy. You’ve got the ring, you’re in love and you know it’s time. But how do you go about planning your proposal? More importantly, how do you do it without risking a flop or something worse? In this guide, we’re not going to bombard you with proposal ideas (hopefully, you’ve already done your homework and have a bunch of ideas in mind). What we’re going to do, however, is offer some tips on how to make sure that proposing with her engagement ring goes smoothly.

Proposing With Her Engagement Ring

In our guide to proposing once you’ve got the ring, you’ll get some ideas on how to propose according to factors ranging from whether you have the ring already, whether it’s a surprise and even proposing according to her personality. In this guide, we’re sharing some dos and don’ts. Here are a few things you’ll want to know before bringing out that box.


  • Do make sure that you are as close to certain as possible that she will say yes before you plan anything.
  • Do talk openly about your relationship – what you both want from life, whether you want to get married, whether you want to wait… even if it seems unromantic, talking about these things in advance makes the entire process easier.
  • Do choose a ring together if you are both sure that you want to get married. You can still plan a romantic surprise proposal, even if she knows it’s coming.
  • Do get help from her best friend, sister, mother, cousin, aunt or closest female friend or relative, who knows her very well.
  • Do think ahead, so that you have backup plans for every possible scenario (including sudden changes that may arise if you get a feeling she will say no).


  • Don’t ever make impulsive decisions without being sure that you are both ready to take the next step.
  • Don’t ignore hints that she may drop or any other signs that she is ready for you to pop the question.
  • Don’t plan a very public, expensive or over-the-top proposal if you are not sure she will say yes. This will put her on the spot, forcing her to either say yes to avoid embarrassment or say no, leaving you feeling hurt and uncomfortable.
  • Don’t choose a big, flashy ring that you assume she will love instantly. If you don’t know her tastes and want to surprise her, speak to people in her life that can give you advice, rather than risking her not liking her ring.
  • Don’t assume that everything will go to plan, even if you are both ready for the next step, with the perfect ring and perfect plan. Things can go wrong – weather, restaurant overbookings or even minor details that get in the way. Have a backup plan and remember that this moment is about you and her, not an elaborate event that has to be perfect.

Looking for the perfect ring? Cape Diamonds offers a selection of premium, hand-crafted engagement rings, along with a custom design service that brings her ideas to life.

Bold & Beautiful Bombe Engagement Rings

Bold, beautiful and eye-catching, bombe engagement rings are the perfect choice for brides who love all things vintage. These rings get their name from their domed shape. The word bombe is French, with two possible meanings. The literal translation from French to English is bomb-shaped. This is certainly apt, as bombe rings have a design that features a large, curved dome, which curves out to the sides in a subtle explosion. Another translation of bombe is the popular French frozen dome-shaped dessert that has a similar appearance to the ring’s design. Wherever this ring’s name originated, it has a long history dating back to the Georgian era, with a resurgence in the Art Deco era. Today, it has gained popularity yet again, as a glamorous ring that makes a statement.

To show you how stunning these engagement rings can be for those wanting a retro ring, we’ve put together a few examples for your custom ring design inspiration.

Get Inspired by These Bombe Engagement Rings

Here are just a few examples of bombe engagement rings…

Brilliant-Cut Pave Rows


Bridging the gap between bold and classic, this design makes use of a timeless element – pave diamonds. Rather than a subtle band, however, the ring features multiple rows of pave diamonds. A chunky, domed platinum band curves to the centre. The result is a ring that has maximum sparkle. If you prefer rings without centre stones, or you’re looking for a way to incorporate diamonds without spending a fortune, designs like these are worth considering.

Gold Chunky Channels


For a traditional take on bombe rings, channels showcase the ring’s diamonds and metal band to perfection. Vertical gradient channels set with round diamonds leading to the band add lots of sparkle, while a trademark bombe channel of baguette diamonds takes centre stage, running downwards in a gradient design. This ring looks striking in yellow gold but it would work with any other metal.

Sapphire & Diamond Rows


One of the many great things about bombe rings is that they are big and bold by their very nature. This means that you don’t have to play it down when designing your dream ring. If you love colour and unique rings, this design will be perfect. Rows of tiny Princess-cut sapphires are placed along the dome, while a round bezel-cut diamond is positioned front and centre. A cool-toned band in white gold or platinum would work, but warmer-toned metals would be a good choice if you want to add even more visual detail.

Sculpted Diamond Bar


Another classic design, this ring oozes retro elegance. A sculpted gold domed band creates swirls along the top, which graduate to the back of the band. At the top, tiny diamonds are positioned in a bar, with contrasting metal making sure that the vertical bar stands out from the gold band. This ring would work in any metal. Keep it two-tone or go for a single metal for something a little more subtle.

Emerald & Diamond Cluster


You could also incorporate precious gems such as emeralds in other ways. This design is similar to the pave bombe design above, however, instead of using pave diamonds, it uses small diamonds in a variety of shapes. The effect is a ring that catches the light, sparkling brightly. A solitaire emerald set on the dome contrasts perfectly with the cluster design.

Rose Gold Channel


On the topic of subtle, you’d be surprised to know that bombe engagement rings can be simple. Although these rings are best known for their larger-than-life appeal, modern variations take a more understated approach. This design features the trademark dome design, in rose gold. A small channel lies in the centre, with tiny diamonds positioned vertically along the channel. This pretty ring would work in any metal.

Gold Three Stone


Yet another example of a feminine, minimal take on bombe rings is this three-stone ring. Also known as trinity or trilogy rings, these are by far the most romantic rings of all. Each stone represents a stage in your journey together as a couple – your past, your present and your future. There are many types of three-stone rings, but for those wanting to bring in the vintage appeal of bombe without going over the top, this version would work in any metal and any stone.

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