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3 Engagement Rings to Avoid at All Cost

3 Engagement Rings to Avoid at All Cost

Choosing engagement rings can be challenging. Over and beyond looking out for the things that look good, you also need to think about whether or not the ring can be worn day in and day out without causing any issues, breaking or standing out for all the wrong reasons. In this short guide, we take a look at some of the things that you absolutely want to avoid when considering engagement rings.

The Worst Engagement Rings

The absolute worst engagement rings that you most certainly want to avoid at all cost include the following:

1/ Stones that are prone to chips and scratches.

It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Mohs hardness scale before choosing a ring for yourself or for your beloved. Although some stones may look amazing, they may not be practical for a ring that is meant to be worn on a daily basis. The Mohs scale rates stones with a value from 1 to 10. The hardest stones of all are, not surprisingly, diamonds, which have a rating of 10. The softest stone is talc, which is not typically used in jewellery. Pearls have a rating of just 2.5, while opal lies between 5.5 and 6.5. Quartz stones have a rating of 7, morganite lies between 7.8 and 8, topaz has a rating of 8, and rubies and sapphires both have a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. Every subsequent stone is then judged on whether or not it can scratch or chip the stone just underneath it on the scale. To withstand everyday wear and tear, your chosen stone should be at least a 7 on the scale. This will prevent chipping, scratches and other damage.

2/ Settings that easily catch on fabric.

In addition to the stone you choose, it is also important to think carefully about the setting. A good setting is simple, with no excessive detail that could easily catch on clothing. As pretty as an ornate ring may seem in the box or on a finger, remember that this ring will be worn every day, all day. If the wearer is not able to go about everyday activities without the ring snagging, breaking or getting in the way, it is not a good choice. Things to look out for include side profile detail that may have any obtrusions, settings that have any oversized prongs that stand out, raw stones that may easily snag and any other element that could cause injury or hassle in any way at all. Ideally, the ring should fit on the finger without causing dents or without pressing into adjacent fingers.

3/ Impractical designs that are not easy to wear.

Finally, make sure that the overall ring design is practical and easy to wear. This is a piece of jewellery that should be made to wear in any situation. Very elaborate, eye-catching designs might look good, but they may end up clashing with other jewellery and standing out for all the wrong reasons. In recent years, there has been a slight trend towards huge, over the top designs that almost look fake in their elaborateness. These rings may seem fun now, but a few years down the line, they will quickly lose their charm. These rings are also more obvious to potential jewel thieves, making you an easier target. Many also have side profile details and settings that stick out in all the wrong ways, further adding to their lack of practicality.

We hope that these tips make it a bit easier to find your dream ring. To find out more about custom made engagement rings in Cape Town, contact Cape Diamonds today.


Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings

Ideal for the romantic at heart, rose quartz engagement rings have become a popular choice in recent years. This semi-precious stone is known for its symbolism as a warm, comforting and protective crystal. With its cloudy pink hue, it works well with platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. This stone can be included as a side stone alongside a diamond or used as a centre stone.

Join us today as we take a look at some of the loveliest examples of rose quartz engagement rings to help you find a little bit of inspiration for your dream ring.

Fall in Love With These Lovely Rose Quartz Engagement Rings

Soft, gentle and surprisingly versatile, this quartz variant is also tough and long-lasting, with a hardness rating of seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Whether polished and shaped or left in its raw form, the stone is a pretty choice for rings and many other types of jewellery. Some of the ways that you could add rose quartz to engagement rings include the following:

Round Halo

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Round HaloImage:

With its classic round cut centre stone, which is surrounded by a halo of tiny pave diamonds and set in a simple rose gold band, this ring is feminine, romantic and classic. Round cut stones are flattering to fingers of all shapes and sizes. The halo around the stone adds extra sparkle in a subtle way, without detracting from the softness of this ring design. This style would work just as well in any other metal. You could also use rose quartz for the halo, with a diamond in the centre.

Cushion Halo

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Cushion HaloImage:

For something different, this cushion cut stone lies at an angle. This style is also sometimes known as an east-west cut, as the four angles face in different directions. Although the halo adds extra sparkle, this ring could also be kept simple, with just a few pave stones on the band. Like the ring above, you could mix things up by changing metal or swapping the centre and pave stones around so that you have a diamond as a centre stone and tiny rose quartz stones as pave side stones.

Split Band Pave

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Split Band PaveImage:

A delicate, tiny baguette cut stone enhances the simplicity of this ring, which features a pave encrusted split band design in platinum or white gold. Although a baguette or emerald cut stone works well, you could choose any cut for this ring – round, oval, trillion, cushion, pear or even heart would also work well. Whether you add pave stones in the band or kept it simple, this is a ring that will never go out of fashion.

Minimal Stacked

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Minimal StackedImage:

For brides who favour a more modern style, stacked rings are versatile, minimal and delicate. You could stack your wedding and engagement ring, and add an anniversary ring or even a promise ring. When each ring is slightly different in style, the result is a diverse ring that can be stacked in various ways. Rings can also be worn individually if you are in the mood for something more subtle.

Minimal Trillion

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Minimal TrillionImage:

Another example of a minimal ring is this oh-so-delicate trillion cut ring in an equally delicate setting. This ring works well in yellow gold, which adds just the right amount of contrast to add visual interest. It would work just as well in platinum, white gold or rose gold, however. If trillion cut is not your thing, you could try a similar ring in a round cut, square cut, heart cut or marquise cut.

Pave Pear

Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings - Pave PearImage:

For those who favour a more classic style of ring, this gorgeous pave pear has plenty of sparkle. Pear cut rings are flattering and elegant. They can be worn with the point facing up or down, which can elongate or reduce finger size respectively. Whether enhanced with pave stones or kept as a similar solitaire ring, the style of this ring is classic and sophisticated.

While rose quartz is not a stone that resonates with every bride-to-be, it has a simplicity and honesty that makes it an understated option for those who are not too fussy about precious stones. Here at Cape Diamonds, our role is to make your engagement dreams come true. If you'd like help planning a custom engagement ring in Cape Town, get in touch with us today and let us help you plan the ring you've always wanted.


5 Surprising Truths About Buying Engagement Rings

5 Surprising Truths About Buying Engagement Rings

Buying engagement rings is no small challenge. For those planning to surprise the love of their life with a ring, the process is especially daunting. Over and beyond planning the proposal, you need to first find and purchase the perfect ring. Luckily, knowing what to expect when shopping for engagement rings can make things a lot simpler.

What You May Not Know About Buying Engagement Rings

If you are preparing to pop the most important question of your life, make sure that you have a look at these not always well-known truths about buying engagement rings.

1 All diamonds look the same at a glance.

After a while, it becomes even harder to tell the difference between a high carat stone and a low carat stone. Round and oval cuts will start to look very similar, baguettes and emerald cuts will blend into one another, you will not be able to spot tiny flaws and you may even develop a bit of a headache from peering at a non-stop supply of diamonds. This is where your jeweller comes in to help make the process easier. A good jeweller will be able to find the best quality diamond for your budget and offer a selection of cuts that suit your requirements.

2 Your personal preferences do not count.

Keep your own personal preferences aside when looking at rings. It does not matter how much you prefer platinum to rose gold. It matters that your love has a penchant for rose gold jewellery and a love for diamonds. This ring is a piece of jewellery that is made to be treasured for the rest of your partner's life. If she is not 100% happy with the ring, she may have to get it altered or she will otherwise have to settle for a ring that is not exactly her style. Needless to say, neither of those scenarios are ideal.

3 Your partner's friends are a source of valuable information.

One of the best ways to be sure that you hit the proverbial mark is to speak to her friends. Her best friend will know exactly what sort of jewellery she would love and what she would potentially dislike. This will save you a great deal of wasted time, while also ensuring that there is less chance of the ring being accepted with anything short of rapture and adoration. Another option is to talk to her mom. That brings us to our next point...

4 Asking for your love's hand in marriage can be awkward.

If you are the traditional type and you plan to ask your love's parents for their blessing, prepare yourself for a rather awkward experience. No matter how long you have been dating their daughter and no matter how much of a good relationship you have, asking parents for their child's hand in marriage is not always a situation that is without a few blushes and nerves.

5 Generic mass-produced rings are not worth considering.

Whatever you do, make sure that you take the time and effort to find your love a ring that can be completely hers. As tempting as it may seem to go to the nearest chain store to find a ring, mass-produced rings are never ideal. These rings are almost always generic, with thousands cast from the same design. A custom made ring is unique, with the ability to change small details to suit your love's tastes. It will be treasured on a far deeper basis than any generic ring could ever hope to achieve.

Find your dream ring with the help of Cape Diamonds, which offers a wide range of premium, custom made engagement rings handcrafted in Cape Town.


Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings

Braided engagement rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From simple twisting designs all the way to plaited bands and two tone twists, these rings are soft, feminine and gorgeous. They are also deeply romantic. Due to their interconnecting nature that creates an eternal loop, these rings often symbolise the endless journey of love, as well as the twists and turns that every relationship will take along its path.

If you have been dreaming of a braided engagement ring, keep reading to get inspired by these spectacular rings.

Get Inspired by These Braided Engagement Rings

Some of the most gorgeous branded engagement rings that we have seen recently include the following:

Pave Infinity Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Pave Infinity Braid


This delicate pave infinity braid integrates the braid as part of the design. This ring would also work well as a wedding band or even a promise ring. For those who prefer a more subtle style, the gentle twists of the braid are given extra sparkle with the addition of tiny pave diamonds. This ring works well in platinum and diamond, but could also work in yellow or rose gold with white or coloured diamonds.

Minimal Pear Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Minimal Pear Braid


Even more minimal is this understated rose gold band with a small pear shaped diamond in the centre. This style works well in rose gold, and could also work equally well in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The tapered shape of the pear cut stone is feminine and pretty, working well with the gently twisted braid of the ring's band.

Simple Platinum Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Simple Platinum Braid


For those wanting something simple, that is not too understated, another alternative is this simple and classic braided ring that features a plain braided band and a solitaire diamond in the centre. This ring is versatile and elegant, working well with just about any type of stone and in any metal. You could add impact by making the braid two tone in rose gold and platinum, or try a coloured diamond instead of a classic white diamond.

Tiny Baguette Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Tiny Baguette Braid


This unusual ring features tiny baguette cut diamonds rather than traditional pave stones. The result is a braided effect that looks simple from a distance, becoming more ornate the closer you look. For those who prefer minimal styles and gender neutral designs, this ring is sure to impress. It would work equally well in a warmer toned metal such as rose or yellow gold.

Pave Twist Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Pave Twist Braid


The interlocking braids of this ring alternate between solid rose gold and pave twists, with an effect that is almost like a knit stitch. The effect is eye-catching without being over the top. To make this ring more subtle, you could try a platinum band rather than a warmer toned metal. To make it more elaborate, you could try coloured diamonds instead of classic white diamonds.

Split Shank Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Split Shank Braid


The split shank design is a classic choice that continues to attract brides-to-be. Symbolic and flattering, this style works well with a double braided band. A simple cushion or square cut solitaire adds the final touch, providing balance and a central focus. This ring would look beautiful in any metal, using any stone.

Two Tone Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Two Tone Braid


Two tone rings are also popular and for good reason. Pave offers a way to add contrast in a subtle way, offsetting the warm tones of the delicate rose gold band. The gentle twists of this braid add interest without going over the top. A simple solitaire in a square, emerald, round or oval cut further adds to the impact of this ring, making it romantic yet classic enough to suit those who favour traditional styles.

Gold Celtic Braid

Beautiful Braided Engagement Rings - Gold Celtic Braid


Deeply romantic and symbolic, the Cape Diamonds Celtic ring in yellow gold is a true show stopper. Here's what this ring has to offer: “A dazzling handcrafted piece of yellow gold and diamond jewellery with Celtic flair, an incredible designer diamond ring for women. Starting with yellow gold band with a Celtic knot that stretches around and up either side of a 4 claw setting clenching a flawless round cut solitaire diamond.” This ring is exclusively available to Cape Diamonds.

However you decide to bring in braided detail to your engagement ring, you are sure to find your dream ring once you start to unleash a bit of creativity and inspiration.


Why You Need an Engagement Ring Warranty

Why You Need an Engagement Ring Warranty

The engagement ring warranty is made to protect you from any potential design or manufacturing flaws. As a large value purchase, these rings are typically insured and valued according to the market price. If you purchase a ring, only to have it break within a year or two, it goes without saying that you will want to recover your losses. Most warranties cover any issues that do not fall under wear and tear or any damage caused by accidents, hazardous activities, loss or theft. Most reputable jewellers will replace or refund the value of the ring if the fault lies in the manufacture of the engagement ring.

The Importance of Engagement Ring Warranty

Some of the most important reasons to ensure that your engagement ring is covered by warranty include the following:

Warranties are a good reflection of quality.

If you purchase a ring from the cheapest possible outlet, such as a price match comparison website, for example, or a large jewellery retail chain that specialises in budget rings, you may save a few Rand, but you will likely not have the assurance that your ring was made to last. A reputable jeweller, on the other hand, knows that a warranty is a reflection of their craftsmanship. Not only will you have a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, but you will also have an expert craftsman who is able to repair and restore any breakages that may occur over the years. Be very wary of any jeweller that does not offer a warranty as a standard part of the ring purchase.

Warranties give you peace of mind.

Whether you are buying a ring as a surprise for your future wife, or you are choosing a ring together, this decision is not always without its stress. This type of ring is an investment, and, as such, it should not be purchased in a hurry or on the spot. Add-on services such as warranties and diamond certification papers will help take away some of the worries, giving you peace of mind that you have chosen the right person to create this special piece of jewellery. Be wary if you are ever pushed into making a purchase without any sort of certification, warranty or paperwork.

With that said, it is also good to understand that this type of warranty is unique. Unlike a television or appliance, these rings are made to be worn day in and day out. They should always be made to withstand a relative amount of wear and tear. A price match guarantee will put your mind at rest, but what will add even more peace of mind is a ring that is made to last. Choosing a ring designer that makes custom made rings that use the highest quality metals and stones, and designs that will not easily catch, break or fade is the best way to be sure that your ring will last through each decade.

All rings designed and crafted by Cape Diamonds is protected under warranty. To learn more about our return policy or our approach to engagement ring quality, feel free to contact us today.


Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Engraved Plant Motif

While many consider the larger details, sometimes the smaller details can add the most impact to your engagement ring. Profile detail applies to the design that can be seen when the ring is viewed from the side. Historically, the primary detail in ring design came through the setting, the stone and the band. Profile detail has gained popularity in recent years, helping to add something extra to rings without going over the top. Ensuring that your ring looks incredible from all angles will mean that you won't want to ever take it off.

Keep reading to get some ideas on how you can add profile detail to your engagement ring with a design that looks amazing from any angle.

How to Add Profile Detail to Your Engagement Ring

Adding profile detail is a great way to add more impact to your engagement ring. These gorgeous rings featured below have plenty of detail in their profile that adds even more beauty to the overall design.

Water Lily

Rising up through the mud to bloom radiantly, the water lily is a symbol of hope, resilience, beauty and perseverance. The lotus-style setting of this water lily ring gives it a unique profile that is sure to appeal to brides who have a love for symbolic, deeply personal ring designs that are eye-catching from any angle. This ring is available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, with a choice of plain or pave band. For even more detail, try a coloured diamond or a vibrantly coloured ruby or sapphire instead of a diamond.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Water Lily

Pin Cushion

The pin cushion protea is found across the Cape. This hardy fynbos plant has an elegant shape that is reflected in the form of pin-like points. For nature-lovers seeking an unusual ring that is elegant, sophisticated and pretty while still being feminine and surprisingly subtle, the pin cushion ring is perfect. This ring is available in a variety of metals. Add more impact with a brightly coloured stone that further enhances the floral feel of this ring.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Pin Cushion

Disa Orchid

With its delicate petals and simple shape, the disa orchid is South Africa's most iconic floral symbol. In this disa orchard ring, the soft petals form a gentle floral inspired ring that is romantic, feminine and graceful. Pave stones add further detail. Whether chosen in platinum, yellow, rose or white gold, and diamonds or any other stone for the pave side stones and centre stone, this ring is a stunner.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Disa Orchid

Ornate Halo

For something intricate and delicate, the ornate halo ring has a truly unusual profile that adds plenty of visual detail. Working especially well in rose gold and diamond, the variations of this ring are endless. Try coloured diamonds and yellow gold, platinum and emerald or sapphire, white gold and diamond, or even something soft, warm and pretty, such as morganite and rose gold.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Ornate Halo

Antique Filigree

Those who favour a vintage style will adore this exquisite antique filigree ring, which has a beautifully intricate detail that uses filigree to create plenty of impact without being over the top. In gold, the effect is dazzling. This style would work equally well in platinum, white gold or rose gold, with a coloured stone or classic diamond.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Antique Filigree

Engraved Plant Motif

In the organic collection, the subtle detail on the engraved plant motif ring adds impact without overshadowing the centre stone. This ring is undeniably romantic, appealing to brides who favour a soft, feminine style. It is especially subtle in platinum and white gold but would work well in rose gold or yellow gold, too, for those who want something a little bolder.

Adding Profile Detail on Your Engagement Ring - Engraved Plant Motif

At Cape Diamonds, we offer a wide range of heavenly rings that appeal to every taste and budget. View our full collection to find your dream engagement ring today.


5 Tips for Choosing a Promise Ring

5 Tips for Choosing a Promise Ring

The promise ring has long been a symbol of love that is used to indicate commitment in a long-term relationship or even a friendship. This type of ring could include a purity ring that symbolises staying celibate for marriage, a friendship ring, or, most commonly, a ring that is given before a couple is ready to progress to an engagement.

Symbolic, romantic and sweet, a promise ring essentially tells your love that you promise to be together until you are both ready for the next step. These can be given as anniversary gifts, when a couple has a baby before marriage, when the relationship becomes serious enough to move in together, or at any point when you know that you have found 'The One'.

How to Choose a Promise Ring

Wondering how to choose a promise ring? Here are a few tips to keep in mind...

  • Consider how it will be worn. This ring is usually worn on the same finger as an engagement ring – the left hand. It does not have to be worn on this hand, however. If there is a big risk of this ring being mistaken for an engagement ring by your friends and family, it is best to wear it on the right hand or a different finger. Some people like to wear their rings on a fine chain as well, which could also work. Ideally, this ring should not resemble an engagement or wedding ring.


  • Consider the design. If you are giving this type of ring as a surprise, look at the rings that your partner typically wears to get an idea of their style. Make sure that you know whether your love has any metal allergies. When in doubt, platinum is a non-allergenic ring that will not risk the wrong sort of reaction. Styles that work well for this sort of ring include knotted bands, infinity bands, heart shaped stones, three stone rings, bows, crowns, simple pave encrusted bands, matching his and hers sets that each has half of a heart and engraved rings.


  • Consider the stone. Although diamonds can be used, you may want to choose a semi precious stone. Because these rings typically do not have the same value as a ring used for an engagement, they do not have to be as ornate. A lower carat diamond can be just as effective without spending a fortune. You could also try rose quartz, amethyst or agate.


  • Consider your presentation. While this does not affect the ring itself, it is a good idea to think carefully about how you will present the ring. One of the biggest dangers is letting your partner think that you are proposing. To avoid confusion, tell your love how you feel and tell them that you want them in your life. Avoid saying anything along the lines of wanting to ask a question. Whatever you do, don't get down on one knee or present the ring in a box. Keep it low-key instead and give the ring once you have made it clear that it is a sign of things to come rather than a proposal.

To find your dream ring, contact Cape Diamonds today. We offer a wide range of engagement rings that are ideal for promise rings, anniversary rings


Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings

These floral inspired engagement rings are perfect for any bride who dreams of fairytale endings, whimsical details, feminine touches and picture-perfect designs. If you fall in love with vintage style rings and floral designs, or your lady love has a thing about botanical element or nature, these rings are sure to be a perfect choice. In this visual guide, we take a look at the floral engagement rings trend to see how you can bring in floral details for your ring.

Whimsical Floral Inspired Engagement Rings

Some exquisite floral inspired engagement rings to inspire your custom ring include the following:

Pave Vine Band
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Pave Vine Band


The pave encrusted vine design of this ring makes the band as much a part of the final result as the centre stone. A square cut diamond works well with this design, but you could try a round cut diamond or even a heart shaped diamond for a touch of extra romance. This ring works well in any metal with any colour of diamond or type of gem.

Two Tone Side Flower

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Two Tone Side Flower

For those wanting something eye-catching, this design features ornate side flowers in contrasting metal. The variations here are almost endless. Rose gold, platinum and diamond; yellow and white gold with a coloured diamond; yellow and rose gold with a classic white diamond and yellow diamond pave band... use your imagination and try mixing and matching metals and stones to create a truly one of a kind ring that is sure to be something special.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Flower
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Yellow Gold Split Shank Flower


This gentle twisting split shank flower has a pretty flower design in the centre, with a finely weaving cross band of solid gold and pave. Despite the level of detail, the ring is not over the top or overly bold. Instead, the look is soft, girly and oh so pretty. This design would also work well in rose gold or platinum, with coloured diamonds or precious stones such as sapphire, ruby or emerald.

White Gold Floral Eternity

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - White Gold Floral Eternity

Another way to add detail without going overboard is to try an eternity band. This style of ring can be a great way to save, as the stones are much smaller. A vine detail adds plenty of romance, allowing for optimal sparkle. You could try this ring in a warm or cool toned metal, and your choice of stones to add more impact.

Rose Gold Morganite Lily
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Rose Gold Morganite Lilly


For the ultra romantics, this heavenly rose gold morganite lily is truly magnificent. The ornate detail of the centre flower and stone is balanced by the warm blush tones of the rose gold and morganite, with cool touches of white diamond for emphasis. The result is a ring that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Delicate Platinum Flower
Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Delicate Platinum Flower


Those who prefer their rings on the minimal side will adore this delicate platinum flower ring. A fine band twists gently up to a small diamond that is set in a flower-like prong. The result is subtle and beautiful, without being fussy or over the top. This style would work equally well in rose gold or yellow gold.

Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring

Romantic Floral Inspired Engagement Rings - Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring

The Cape Diamonds Fynbos Ring Collection offers intricately designed floral inspired rings that are proudly South Africa. The Blushing Bride Fynbos Ring has a beautiful setting that mimics the look of a protea to perfection. It is available in a choice of metals, including platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The band can be left plain or you could add tiny pave stones for extra sparkle.

Looking for the perfect romantic ring for your engagement? Cape Diamonds is here to make your dreams come true. Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect floral inspired engagement ring in Cape Town.


How to Choose an Anniversary Ring for Your Love

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring for Your Love

Planning an anniversary ring for your love on your upcoming special day? This ring is a romantic token of your marriage vows. Whether given on your first anniversary, tenth or twentieth anniversary, a special ring that celebrates your marriage is sure to be something that your partner will treasure forever. To help you find the perfect anniversary ring, we have put together a few tips that will make the process a bit easier. Keep reading to find out how to choose a ring that is just right for your upcoming anniversary.

Choosing the Right Anniversary Ring

Some things to keep in mind when choosing an anniversary ring include the following:

Consider her engagement ring.

Ideally, you want a ring that complements the engagement ring without competing. This type of ring is meant to be subtle, delicate and simple, working to accentuate the engagement and wedding rings without overshadowing them, clashing or contrasting too much. A finely crafted pave band in a matching metal and stone will look perfect alongside a similar engagement or wedding ring. A ring in a different metal, with different stones and any details that clash, however, will not work well at all.

Consider her wedding ring.

No matter how simple the wedding ring, this should also be considered to get the best results. What can be very effective is a wedding ring set that includes engagement, wedding and anniversary bands. These can either be worn on the same finger, or worn next to each other. When all three rings have a similar colour scheme, style or look, the result is spectacular. When there are too many differences, the result is less than harmonious. Always consider your love's existing rings when making your final choice. Or, better yet, involve your beloved in the process so that she gets some say in the matter.

Consider her lifestyle.

You will also need to consider the daily activities of the person wearing the ring. Much like a very ornate engagement or wedding ring is not ideal for those with active lifestyles or those with hobbies such as gardening or DIY, an overly detailed anniversary band may also not be the most practical idea. You want this ring to be easily layered without getting in the way or catching on anything. This is the best way to ensure that the ring can be worn daily without the risk of damage or loss.

Consider her tastes.

Another reason to get insight from your love into the style, stones and overall design of this type of ring is to ensure that the ring is to her tastes. Much like you put a lot of thought into pairing of engagement and wedding bands, you will need to ensure that the anniversary band is something that will be truly appreciated and admired by the person who will be wearing it day in and day out. Surprising your wife with a ring that you have chosen without any input is a risk that may not pay off the way you hope it will.

Consider your budget.

Finally, it is always a good idea to set a budget and stick to it when choosing any ring for your beloved. This type of ring is almost always kept simple. Rather than being a dramatic symbol of a new marriage, it is a smaller reminder of your bond. As such, you do not need to go all out and risk going into overdraft to afford the ring. Instead, look for something that you can easily afford without going broke. This will allow both of you to enjoy the ring without any added stress.

We hope that these tips helped you get one step closer to finding your dream ring. If you'd like to know more about crafting a custom made engagement or anniversary ring in Cape Town, get in touch with the Cape Diamonds team today.

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Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire

Twisted band engagement rings are romantic and symbolic, representing the endless journey of you and your beloved as two hearts merge into one. This style of ring has been popular for many decades, showing no sign of losing favour any time soon. Whichever style you prefer, whatever your favourite metal or stone, this ring is surprisingly diverse, with plenty of variations to suit just about every preference.

Keep reading to view our examples of beautiful twisted band engagement rings that are sure to inspire.

Fall in Love With These Gorgeous Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Some of our favourite twisted band diamond engagement rings include the following:

Simple Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Simple Twist


For brides who prefer their rings simple and clean-cut, this simple twist design is delicate, non-fussy and minimal. The gentle twists of the band add detail, while the solitaire stone is able to shine without distraction. This style works well in white gold or platinum, but it would also be equally lovely in yellow or rose gold if warmer hues are more your thing.

Two Tone Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Two Tone Twist


If you're looking for a bit more sparkle, a two tone ring is sure to be the ideal choice. This ring has two twisting bands, in two different tones. Each band is adorned with tiny pave stones that add maximum sparkle. The style of this ring is also diverse, depending on the metals you choose, whether or not you add pave stones, and the type of stones you choose for the pave twists and the centre stone.

Pave Pear Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave Pear Twist


Romantics and those with a love for all things vintage will adore this style. An elegant pear shaped centre stone is set in an intricate pave-encrusted twisting band, with tiny pave stones surrounding the centre stone. While this ring looks especially stunning in warmer toned metals such as yellow or rose gold, it would work well in platinum or white gold as well. This style helps to elongate the look of your finger and can be worn with the tapered end on the top or bottom of your finger.

Marquise Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Marquise Twist


This one also has a bit of a vintage look. A classic marquise cut diamond takes centre stage, with a delicately twisted pave encrusted band that adds a bit more detail. This style works well in just about any metal – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum – and any choice of stone colour or style, too. Depending on how bold or subtle you want to go, the variations are diverse for this style.

Minimal Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Minimal Twist


Traditionalists and those who prefer minimal rings will love this classic design. A delicately twisted band hugs a tiny centre stone in a solitaire setting, with no additional detail to distract the eye. This ring works well in any metal, with any colour or type of stone. Stick to a cool toned metal and a diamond for a classic look, or try a coloured diamond with a yellow or rose gold metal for a bolder look.

Rose Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Rose Twist


If rose gold and warmer tones are your thing, this ring is sure to be dazzling. Morganite works well as the centre stone, but you could also look for a coloured diamond for a similar effect. Rose gold continues the warm, rosy effect, with tiny pave stones strategically placed to create a bit of visual detail without going overboard. The final effect is romantic, feminine, and oh-so-gorgeous.

Knotted Pave Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Knotted Pave Twist


The knotted pave twist does not feature a larger stone. Instead, the detail lies in the design of the band itself. A twisted split band is knotted in an intricate design, symbolising the deeply entwined bond between you and your love. Contrasting stones, in this case chocolate and white diamonds, add even more detail, and maximum sparkle. This style would work well in any metal, with any colour or type of stone.

Pave Twist

Tantalising Twisted Band Engagement Rings to Inspire - Pave Twist

Image: Cape Diamonds

This elegant split band pave twist ring from Cape Diamonds in 18k yellow gold is the ideal choice for those who adore eye-catching rings that are timeless and beautifully crafted. The split band twists gently to a round cut solitaire diamond, with a solid gold twist adding the final touch. If yellow gold is not your thing, this ring is available in platinum, white gold and rose gold as well.

Get creative, think out of the box and consider a tailor-made twisted engagement ring from Cape Diamonds that is made perfectly to suit your style and budget.