Which is Best for Engagement Rings – Cushion or Princess Cut?

At a glance cushion and princess cut engagement rings share many similar properties. Both have a square shape. Both are cut to maximise sparkle. Both have been a timeless choice for brides throughout history. Both work well in a variety of ring styles. Take a closer look and there are a few key differences in these cuts. Ultimately, one is no better or worse than the other. The choice between princess and cushion-cut diamonds will come down to the cut that works best for your dream engagement ring.

Cushion vs Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Some of the key differences between these cuts in engagement rings include the following:

Cushion cut

Cushion-cut diamonds get their name from their cushioned shape. They have gently rounded edges on all four corners. Although the majority have a square shape, others might be a little longer and thinner, with more of a very slight rectangular shape. Originating in the 19th Century, cushion cut stones have a soft, romantic appeal. They work especially well in classic ring designs. Many are used in halo rings, with pave-encrusted bands that flow towards the centre stone. While cushion cut diamonds are a popular choice, you could opt for any other stone in this cut. Try something in a vibrant colour, such as sapphire or Tanzanite, or a romantic stone such as morganite set on a rose gold band with a diamond halo.

Princess cut

Princess cut diamonds have a square shape, with four pointed corners. They have a geometric look and are often featured in modern-style rings. Originating in the 1960s, they were known as profile cut diamonds. Princess cut stones are made to maximise the sparkle of the diamond, reflecting light in a similar way to round cut stones. Their modern, chic style works well in a variety of rings. They work very well in solitaire settings, allowing the stone to truly stand out. They also work in three stone and pave styles. In addition to diamonds, princess cut stones can also include any type of precious and semi-precious stone you want to use for your ring. Try something bold such as a ruby solitaire set on a delicate yellow gold. Go for a sophisticated, glamorous style with a princess cut black diamond flanked by round white diamond clusters on a rose gold band.

Which is the best choice for your ring? There are a few factors to consider when making your decision. Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like a more classic style or something more contemporary. Next, you’ll need to think about whether you prefer software shapes to bolder geometric shapes. You will also need to consider the type of ring design you want. Both princess and cushion-cut stones can be used in many different styles but one may not be as suitable as the other for some styles. Another point to consider is the type of stone you have chosen. Diamonds work with every type of cut and every style of ring. Adding additional accent stones or choosing a stone other than diamond for the centre stone can also affect the overall look of the ring.

Here at Cape Diamonds, we have the extensive experience and expertise to help you make the right decision. We offer a wide range of rings in various cuts. We also provide a custom ring design to turn your ideas into reality. Get in touch with us today to find out how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Stunning Gemstones for Diamond Engagement Rings

Although diamond engagement rings are certainly spectacular as they are, adding other gemstones can make your ring even more beautiful. The diamond is April’s birthstone. Known for its brilliance, hardness, and beauty, the diamond has been a classic choice for brides-to-be for centuries. Adding other types of gemstones can be a great way to enhance your ring, adding colour and making a unique ring.

Gemstones to Include in Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some of the most popular stones used in diamond engagement rings…


Image: gregoryjewellers.com.au

The combination of sapphire and diamond is breathtaking. It is no surprise that this combination has been popular in rings throughout every era. Sapphires range in shades from deep blue to lighter shades of blue. Yellow sapphires are also found. Used with diamonds in a ring, the deep blue colour provides contrast without clashing. These two stones work particularly well in cool-toned metals such as platinum.


Image: adamsjewellers.ie

Rubies also work well with diamonds. As with sapphires, these stones have a varying level of colour. The most sought-after rubies have a rich, deep red colour. While this stone works well in cool-metals, it can be surprisingly eye-catching in warmer metals such as yellow gold. Designs such as starburst or petals help to balance the bright red of the ruby with the diamonds surrounding the centre stone.


Image: arpelc.com

Morganite has gained popularity in recent years, for good reason. This stone ranges in colour from a darker shade of peachy pink to lighter shades of blush. It works extremely well with diamonds, with the warm and cool tones of the stones perfectly balancing together. The most sought-after morganite rings are set on rose gold bands, which bring out the colour of the stone.


Image: brilliantearth.com

Another classic precious stone, emeralds are bright, bold, and beautiful. Ranging in colour from a deep, dark green to lighter, clearer shades of green, this stone is seen in many ring designs. Emerald and diamond rings have been popular choices throughout every era. Today, they remain a great choice for brides looking for something sophisticated and elegant. Emerald works well with cool and warm-toned metals – especially platinum, white gold, and yellow gold.


Image: goldboutique.com

Although topaz has been used in jewellery for a very long time, it has gained more popularity in recent years. The beautiful blue of this stone varies in tone. Used in a ring design along with diamonds, the stone adds subtle colour. If you’re looking for something minimal, choose lighter blue stones. You can use them as accent stones or as centre stones with pave diamonds flanking the centre.


Image: finnies.com

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that is not as high-value as other stones. It may not be the most expensive stone but its gorgeous colour makes it a great stone to add to diamond rings. From dark shades or purple to clear, pale lavender, amethyst is versatile enough to work with any metal. Choose cooler-toned metals or try something more unique with a rose or yellow gold band that off-sets the purple hue.


Image: moonmagic.com

Opals are fascinating and magical, with intricate colours swirling into the stone. Used alongside diamonds, they result in unusual rings that stand out for all the right reasons. These stones have a relatively low rating on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that you will need to be very careful when wearing your ring.

Once you have decided which stone to use in your ring, it’s time to find the perfect ring to suit your style. Cape Diamonds offers a range of engagement rings along with a custom ring design that helps you create your very own ring.

Heirloom, Custom, or Ready-Made Engagement Rings?

Choosing an engagement ring is no small task. This is a piece of jewellery that you are going to wear for the rest of your life. Making your choice for the wrong reasons may cause you to fall out of love with your ring, which is never ideal. Taking aside the massive variety of styles, cuts, and settings, there are three primary types of engagement rings to choose from: heirloom, custom, and ready-made.

It is impossible to compare each type because they each offer benefits. Ultimately, the decision will come down to the ring that catches your eye (and heart). With that said, it helps to know a bit about each type so that you can make your decision more easily.

Choosing an Engagement Ring That’s Right for You

Here are the three engagement ring types that you will most likely end up choosing between when looking at rings.


Your husband-to-be may have an inherited ring that has been in his family for generations. Your late mother may have had a ring that you have loved since you were a child. This type of ring often has great sentimental value. That does not mean that it cannot be altered if needed. In some cases, you may need to have the ring resized. In other cases, the stones may be loose or you may want to change the stones to ones you prefer.


Custom rings are unique to your specific preferences. This is a great idea if you know what you want. You can work with a jeweller to design your dream ring. Starting from the overall structure of the ring to the setting, the stones, and any other details, this ring can be created from scratch. Needless to say, these rings are not an option for surprise proposals unless your partner knows exactly what you will love. You can, however, visit the jeweller together and even get some input from your partner if you need ideas.


Finally, there are ready-made rings. These rings are not simply made in bulk and sold as they are in commercial jewellery stores. Instead, they are rings with a pre-defined style. For example, they may include solitaire rings in a choice of metals. They could include three stone rings, split band rings, princess cut rings, pave halo rings, or any other type of ring that is not custom-made.

Looking through a ring collection is the best way to get an idea of the many different ring styles to be found. You could even find one that you love and then decide to make a few changes. You could customise a ready-made design by changing the stone, for example. You could use a classic design for inspiration, helping you plan your custom ring.

None of these types is better than the other. At the end of the day, the right ring will be one that you love at first sight. Taking some time to think about what you want will help greatly. When you’re ready to start the search for your dream ring, we are here to help. Get in touch with Cape Diamonds to get started now.

Contemporary Tension Set Engagement Rings

Tension set engagement rings take their name from the way that the stones are suspended between two parts of the band. This setting is fairly modern, making it ideal for brides who are looking for contemporary, eye-catching rings. There are many different ways that tension settings can be used in engagement rings. Many are set between split bands or wider single bands. Others are incorporated into ring designs that include additional settings.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

To give you some inspiration, here are some examples of modern tension set engagement rings.

Rose Gold Solitaire

Image: capediamonds.co.za

This beautiful ring from the Cape Diamonds collection features a split band with a solitaire in the centre. In rich rose gold, the ring is elegant and simple yet still striking. Rose gold is a metal that remains a popular choice for many brides. With a classic split band design and a flawlessly cut diamond suspended between the bands, this ring is sure to be a treasure.

Three Stone Swirl

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

Three stone rings have plenty of romantic symbolism. Each stone represents a phase in your life together as a couple – your past, your present, and your future. This ring style is versatile, with many designs featuring a trinity of stones. In this design, a centre stone is flanked by tension-set diamonds that connect on a swirled band.

Yellow Gold Twist

Image: allurez.com

If you’re looking for a minimal, understated ring, this design is sure to be perfect. This style is often seen with tension set rings. A twisted band flows in a swirl, holding the centre stone in place on each end. Although it looks stunning in yellow gold with a round cut diamond, it would work with any metal and any diamond shape or cut.

Two Tone Branch

Image: private-dimond-club.com

Two-tone rings add something extra to ring designs. When the metals flow together, they blend well without adding too much contrast. This simple design features two bands that come together in a branch, with white and yellow gold bands holding the centre stone in place.

Ornate Split Prong

Image: josephjewelry.com
This design is ideal for those who want something that will have plenty of sparkle. A classic solitaire takes centre stage, with suspended marquise cut stones flanking the centre stone. These flow into a pave encrusted band.

Graduated Multi Stone

Image: solomonbrothers.com

Featuring vibrant, dark blue sapphires, this ring is elegant yet not too dramatic. The graduated band begins with a delicate band below the finger, graduating to a series of sapphires that get larger as they get to the top of the band. The suspended sapphires are surrounded by pave stones on each side.

Cognac Diamond Pear

Image: langerman-diamonds.com

Coloured diamonds are a great way to get colour into your ring design. In this design, a warm, cognac coloured pear cut diamond is positioned between a gently twisting gold band. The combination of the warm coloured stone and the yellow gold gives this ring plenty of beauty.

Not sure whether tension set rings are the right choice? Cape Diamonds offers a wide range of hand-crafted ring styles, along with a custom ring design. Contact us today to find out how to start planning your perfect engagement ring.

Classic Engagement Ring Styles for Surprise Proposals

If you’re planning to surprise your love with a romantic proposal, you may be wondering which engagement ring style is the safest option. You will (hopefully) have done some research beforehand, taking things like your partner’s style into account. If you’re still not fully sure, it is always best to stick to something classic rather than taking a risk on a bold style that not every future bride will love. Keep reading to find out which engagement ring styles will never date.

Safest Engagement Rings for Surprising Your Partner

Going with an engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and simple is always advised. Here are a few of the most classic rings to consider.


Solitaire rings are the very definition of simple. These rings feature a single round diamond, in a setting that elevates the stone to catch the light. Many solitaire rings have a standard band in platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Others may have a more delicate band. If your partner generally wears very little jewellery or wears cool-toned metal jewellery, platinum is your best choice. This option is ideal for future brides who are not too fussed about over the top rings.


Another elegant style that will never go out of fashion is the princess cut ring. This ring usually also has a single stone, although some may be set on a pave band with tiny diamonds leading up to the centre stone. Loved by royalty, celebrities and other brides favouring a classic ring, the princess ring is perfect for brides who have an elegant style and more traditional tastes. 


Halo rings are sparkly and feminine. They are a great choice for future brides who wear jewellery more often, love to dress up and have a sophisticated sense of style. These rings are typically round, cushion cut or oval. A centre diamond is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of tiny diamonds, giving the ring its name. In many designs, the pave diamonds continue onto the band. 


Also known as three stone rings, these rings are a great choice for the romantic at heart. The rings feature three stones, representing your relationship’s past, present and future. You can opt for round, baguettes (ideal for a more minimal design), cushion or princess cut diamonds. Although these rings can also include pave stones along the band, they are best kept simple as they have multiple stones.


Oval diamonds have a timeless cut, with a gently rounded shape that is soft and feminine. A single oval on a delicate platinum band will always be a classic choice. You could also add a pave band for additional sparkle. 

As a general rule of thumb, your best option is to stick to cool-toned metals that will go with all other jewellery and clothing. If you know that she favours rose gold or yellow gold, then that is the metal to choose. But, if you are not 100% sure, choose a neutral metal that won’t clash. Simple settings are also always best. 

Looking for help planning your ring? Contact Cape Diamonds today and let us help you find a classic engagement ring for your proposal.

Exquisite Open Band Engagement Rings

Also known as cuff rings, open band engagement rings form a cuff around your finger instead of a complete loop. This is a relatively modern style that has become popular for those wanting something less conventional. The ring style is incredibly diverse, with a wide variety of designs. Depending on the design, metal, stones, and overall level of detail you want, you could have a minimal and subtle engagement ring or something bolder and more dramatic. 

Elegant Open Engagement Rings to Inspire

To show you just how gorgeous open engagement rings are, we’ve put together some ring examples to inspire your custom ring.

Asymmetrical Emerald Pear

Image: swoonery.com

Although most emeralds are clear and bright green, cloudy emeralds are an option for those wanting the rich colour with a more toned-down appearance. In this design, emerald pear cut stones are positioned on a gold pave diamond-encrusted open band asymmetrically. Cooler toned metals would also work for this ring – we love the contrast between the stone and yellow gold, however.

Double Band Princess

Image: fascinatingdiamonds.com

Princess cut rings remain a timeless choice for brides across the world, from royalty to celebrities and every other bride who favours a classic cut. When the stone is turned around, it becomes an east-west design that adds a modern spin. In this design, the additional open pave band joins the top band, creating a unique double band ring.

Gold Marquise Pave

Image: jrdunn.com

Marquise diamonds are beautiful and perfectly cut, flattering just about every finger. This single yet elegant design features a flawless marquise stone set on a gold pave band. Despite the size of the primary stone, the ring is not over the top. Instead, it is delicate and feminine, allowing all of the diamonds to shine. 

Leafy White Gold

Image: brilliantearth.com

If you love all things botanical and natural, this nature-inspired design is sure to get your attention. A leafy design features on each end of the band, with tiny pave diamonds filling each leaf outline. White gold adds a softness to the ring but platinum would work equally well. You could also consider using teardrop or small marquise diamonds to form the leaves instead of metal. 

Rose Gold Cuff

Image: livenco.com

One of the most contemporary styles of all when it comes to this type of ring is the double cuff. This split band ring connects on a fine strip between the two bands. Each delicate band is encrusted with tiny pave diamonds, with the bands almost meeting at the top. You could add more to this ring by adding a larger centre diamond (or few) with a tension setting or positioning them at the opening.

Multi Band Pave

Image: romanandjules.com

Another dramatic style is the multi band design. This creative design features four bands on one side and two bands on the other side. Each pave band has a zig-zagging cuff, with a cage at the bottom that connects each band. Again, you could add more to this ring by setting larger round diamonds on either side to add more sparkle.  

Rose Gold Pave

Image: anatrajewel.com

This design takes a classic style and gives it a modern look. Rather than a proper halo, the ends of each side of the band have round pave-encrusted diamonds that form rings within the circle. A full halo with centre diamonds would work very well with this design. Rose gold adds more elegance, making this a sophisticated yet contemporary ring.

As a specialist in custom ring design with extensive experience and expertise, Cape Diamonds helps you find your dream ring. Whether you are considering open band rings or any other design, contact us today to get a quote on custom engagement rings.

Everything You Need to Know About Pave Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings remain a popular choice for many brides. Pave diamonds are found in many different ring designs, from classic all the way to modern. Most pave rings feature tiny diamonds along the front-facing band, leading up to the centre stone. Many surround the centre stone, forming a halo design. One of the biggest reasons that these engagement rings are a timeless favourite is that they give the ring lots of sparkle compared to a plain band. There are also many other reasons why this ring is a classic choice. Keep reading to find out more about pave rings and see why they are a great style for many ring designs.

A Guide to Pave Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering whether pave style engagement rings are the right option for you, here are some things that you will want to keep in mind.

What are pave stones?

Pave is the French word for paving. In the case of ring design, this word refers to the tiny diamonds or gemstones that are ‘paved’ or set into the band of the ring. This setting helps to accentuate the centre stone while adding more sparkle as light catches the tiny stones as well as the main stone. Pave stones are set closely together so that the metal on the band cannot be easily seen. Platinum and white gold work well with pave settings, as they closely match the colour of diamonds. Other metals can also be used, however, if the prongs for each stone match the metal of the band. This will create a seamless flow between the pave-encrusted band and the centre stone. If a halo design is chosen, the stones will continue to flow, surrounding the stone.

Are there different pave designs?

There are several different pave designs. Ultimately, this will come down to the settings – how the stones are positioned within the band. More traditional settings include channel settings, which feature tiny stones set between two walls of metal that form the band. Micropave designs have very tiny stones that are secured with prongs, positioned closely together. French pave designs feature a small V-cut below the stones, showing less metal and helping the stones to reflect more light. Surface prong designs are the most popular style, with each stone held in place with tiny prongs. Modern styles include bezel cut designs that have tiny stones fully encased in metal. These work well in minimal designs as well as infinity ring styles.

Why should you consider pave rings?

There are two main advantages to choosing this style of ring. The first is the shine factor. Although classic solitaire rings will always be an elegant, sophisticated choice, setting a single stone on a plain band does not always lead to maximum sparkle. When pave stones are used in the design, they allow a flow of diamonds to highlight the ring. The addition of small diamonds makes centre stones look bigger and reflect far more light. Another reason that many choose pave-encrusted rings is that they can be more affordable. Pave diamonds can be more cost-effective, and as they make the centre stone appear larger, a smaller stone can be used.

Here at Cape Diamonds, we offer a wide range of pave styles in all of our ring collections. If you’d like to know more about custom engagement ring design featuring pave stones, get in touch with us today

Fall in Love With These Tanzanite Engagement Rings

With its vibrant blend of deep purple and blue, Tanzanite engagement rings are the perfect stone for brides looking for something that truly stands out. This stone is found only in a specific area within Tanzania. With a Mohs hardness rating of 6 – 6.5, it is not the hardest stone. It is, however, one of the most beautiful stones. The rich colour of this stone is unique, with most stones being dark. Some are lighter in colour. Working well with diamonds and every type of metal, Tanzanite is an exquisite choice for engagement rings.

Exquisite Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Looking for some inspiration for your engagement ring? Here are some of the most beautiful Tanzanite rings to inspire your dream ring. 

Oval Halo

Image: barkevs.com

Classic and elegant, oval halo rings are a timeless style that will never date. This ring features an oval-cut Tanzanite stone that takes centre stage. It is surrounded by tiny pave diamonds that extend within the band. Cool-tone metals such as platinum and white gold work perfectly with this style of ring.

Pave Infinity

Image: allurez.com

Infinity rings are rich in romantic symbolism, representing the ongoing love in your relationship and marriage. Tiny Tanzanite pave stones are encrusted on one of the looping bands, with diamonds on the other. This ring features a diamond in its centre. If you’re looking to add some colour in a subtle way, this ring will be perfect.

Three Stone

Image: diamond-boutique.co.uk

Another ring that is symbolic and romantic is the three-stone ring. This ring represents your past, present, and future, with the centre stone (representing your present) being the largest stone. In this simple design, a Tanzanite stone is in the centre, with smaller diamonds flanking the stone. Platinum works well for this ring, bringing out the cool tones of the Tanzanite.

Simple Solitaire

Image: josephjewelry.com

For brides-to-be who prefer something timeless and simple, you can never go wrong with a solitaire ring. This ring has a pale rose gold band, with a single Tanzanite in a solitaire setting. Although the warmer tones of the metal help to contrast beautifully with the blue-purple colour of the centre stone, cooler-toned metals would work equally well.

Pave Pear

Image: shaneco.com

Pear cut stones are also known as teardrop stones. This cut is elegant and flattering. It can be worn facing upwards or downwards. With a delicate layer of pave stones forming a halo, this ring is even more feminine. Rose gold helps to offset the colour of the Tanzanite stone, resulting in a ring that is unique yet not over the top.

Split Band

Image: angara.com

A popular choice in ring designs, split band rings are also known as split shank rings. These rings have a band that is divided into two bands that typically flank the centre stone. Bands can be simple metal or adorned with pave stones. Some, like this ring, may have a twisted band that further adds to their beauty.

Oval Ballerina

Image: thediamondstore.co.uk

Ballerina rings are ultra-feminine. They get their name from their tutu-like design. Many have multiple layers that surround a centre stone. This ring has a single layer of pave stones, with a Tanzanite in the centre. If you’re looking for a ring that has plenty of sparkle, this is sure to be a great choice. It works well in yellow gold but would be equally beautiful in rose gold or platinum.

Aside from its rarity and unique colour, Tanzanite is also a stone that is versatile enough to work with just about every style of ring. At Cape Diamonds, we help you find the ring you’ve always longed for, with custom ring design as well as a wide selection of styles. Contact us to find out more about finding your dream engagement ring today.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring Jeweller

Finding the right engagement ring jeweller is essential to ensure that your ring is every bit as perfect as you have imagined. One of the many mistakes the couples make is to look for the cheapest option or go to the nearest store and look for a ‘cookie-cutter’ ring. Although the budget is certainly something that should come into your decision, it is not the only thing to consider. A good engagement ring jeweller such as Cape Diamond will match the price you get from other jewellers, making us affordable. We also give you the option to create a custom design that will be different from all the other designs you would find in a regular jewellery store.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Jeweller

How do you go about choosing the right engagement ring jeweller? For starters, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.


Customer reviews are there for a reason – to give you honest, genuine feedback on products and services. If your prospective jeweller has no reviews or very poor reviews, it goes without saying that you are not likely to get your dream ring. Jewellers who have a large number of high reviews on platforms such as Google, on the other hand, are known and trusted by customers. This is one of the simplest ways to see whether your chosen jeweller is good at what the do rather than simply telling customers that they are the best.


Experience is something else you cannot afford to overlook. Jewellers who have very little experience will seldom be able to give you any type of guarantee that their work meets any quality guidelines. They may not have a comprehensive understanding of metals. They may not understand the importance of conflict-free diamonds. They may not have expertise in stone cut, clarity, and carat. The result of this lack of experience means that your ring may not end up the way you expect.


With experience comes certification. Trusted jewellers are registered with certification boards such as The Jewellery Council of South Africa and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This type of registration gives you peace of mind that your jeweller is part of a trusted certification board, which means that they are governed by high-quality standards. 


As we briefly mentioned early, ‘cookie-cutter’ rings can be purchased at any jewellery retail chain. The thing about these rings is that they are designed and made on a mass scale. Every single ring within a certain style is identical and the designs are typically generic as well. A jeweller that offers custom ring design will help you turn your ideas into reality, giving you expert input into your ring’s unique design. 


Finally, if you would rather have a ring that is already made rather than a custom-made ring, you should have a wide variety of rings on offer that are made in bulk. At Cape Diamonds, we offer a selection of stunning rings in various metals and designs, including our iconic Fynbos Ring collection that is inspired by the Cape’s rich natural heritage.

To find out more about working with a trusted, highly skilled engagement ring jeweller, contact Cape Diamonds today.

Symbolic Engagement Rings for the Romantic at Heart

If you’re a romantic who wants something more than the usual engagement ring styles, you may be considering a ring that has plenty of symbolism. Over the ages, there have been many symbols in rings that give them something special. Whether the symbols are fairly well-known or they have symbols that few know about, there is something about symbolic engagement rings that makes something to treasure for a lifetime. 

Beautifully Symbolic Engagement Rings

Looking for some inspiration on symbolic engagement rings and their meanings? Here are a few beautiful examples of how symbolism can be used in your ring.

Three Stone Rings

Image: brillianteers.com

Three stone rings are by far the most popular type of symbolic ring. This ring features three stones in a row. The centre stone is usually larger and it represents your present. The stones on the side represent your past and future. Some variations of this style include clusters on the sides instead of single stones. Although the classic round cut stones work well in this ring, stones can also be in various other cuts to make the ring more modern.

Two Stone Rings

Image: encoredt.com

Two stone rings are another deeply romantic style of ring. These rings represent two essential facets of your marriage – friendship and love. It also symbolises the partnership and commitment in your marriage, standing side by side throughout your journey. Although many classic styles feature the stones together, some modern versions feature the stones in asymmetrical designs or separate but joined by a slit or open band.

Birthstone Rings

Image: zales.com

Although these rings have more symbolism for the bride, there are, nonetheless, romantic and sentimental. Birthstones include a wide variety of beautiful gems that can be used instead of diamonds or, better still, alongside diamonds. You can make your birthstone the centre stone and use pave diamonds on the band. You could even use a two or three-stone design with diamonds and your birthstone. 

Infinity Rings

Image: brilliantearth.com

The infinity ring is another well-known romantic and symbolic ring, symbolising the infinity of your love. There are a few different styles within this design. Two tone, intertwined bands add plenty of femininity to this ring, while pave encrusted loops will add lots of shine and frame the centre diamond perfectly. You could even go one step further and add three stones or a heart cut diamond instead of a classic round or princess cut stone.

Knot Rings

Image: mdcdiamonds.com

Knot rings are another ring that is rich in meaning and romance. The knot represents the strong bond of your relationship. It also represents the fitting together of each partner, connecting in a way that strengthens your love. This ring is often set on a split band. Pave diamonds add lots of sparkles while the main stone can be round or pear-shaped.

Heart Cut Rings

Image: jianlondon.com

Saving the best for last, what could be more romantic than heart cut rings? This cut has been a popular style for many, many years. There are numerous styles to choose from that feature hearts. A very simple solitaire heart set on on a delicate band will be perfect for those who prefer minimal rings. If you prefer something more sparkly, you can look for halo hearts or add side stones to turn the ring into a two or three stone ring.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to add more romance to your ring. Cape Diamonds will help you design a ring that is full of meaning. Contact us today to find out more about our custom-made engagement rings.