How to Clean Diamond Engagement Rings Safely

After the magical proposal, the romantic wedding and the constant headiness of seeing that diamond sparkle every time you glance at it, there comes a time when you need to think of the less glamorous things… such as caring for diamond engagement rings to ensure that the sparkle continues to catch your eye.

There are many, many internet articles and social media “hacks” and tips on cleaning precious stones and jewellery yourself. Some tips might give you expert advice from professional jewellers; others may be less than helpful. Before you attempt to clean your ring using tips you have found online, you should first stop to consider a few essential factors. The stone, the metal of the band, the setting and the overall value are the most important things to consider, but it is also important to understand your options that are available before you decide the best route for keeping your engagement ring clean without risking its condition.

Professional Engagement Ring Cleaning

If you want your ring to be fully cleaned without any risk of tarnishing, discolouration, chemical damage, chips, nicks or any other type of wear, you will need to take it in to a professional jeweller to be cleaned. Jewellers use speciality products and tools that are designed specifically for different types of stones, metals and settings. As such, they will be able to keep your ring looking flawless without damaging it in any way.

Professional cleaning should be done once a year or thereabouts, by a trusted, reputable jeweller. Along with a deep clean, your jeweller will also be able to examine the ring for tiny, miniscule flaws that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If there are any tiny chips, or any settings have become loose, such problems can be picked up and fixed before any further damage occurs. This will prolong the lifespan of your ring, and ensure that it does not lose value over time.

Cleaning Your Engagement Ring at Home

In between professional checks and cleaning, you may be able to care for your ring at home – provided that you avoid harsh chemicals and rough clothes or scrubbing tools that could cause damage. Gentle soaps and warm water are best, but even those can be damaging to delicate materials.

Some stones and metals are softer than others, while others are hardier. To ensure that you do not damage your ring when cleaning it (or when washing dishes or using any household cleaners, for that matter), speak to your jeweller first and ask for their advice on how to clean your specific ring. It is better to avoid home cleaning completely and increase the number of professional cleaning appointments than risk your ring’s quality. Losing a stone or damaging a stone can end up not only costing the earth, but also reducing the overall quality and durability of your ring.

So above all else, it is better to take diamond engagement rings to an expert than risk doing it yourself.